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AfterParty: How to Play Beer Pong - tips and tricks

2019-10-29 13:39:50

Next we bring to you a guide of AfterParty where we will teach you how to play beer pong.

What is beer pong in AfterParty?

The protagonists in this game are Milo and Lola, as we know it is a game where dance and drink is included, but that is not enough, because the imps want more than that, and therefore they play beer pong, this is part of this Party game, to which we have been invited by Night School Studios, this event takes place at Schoolyard Strangler, so it is ideal to go to this location after being accompanied to 1st and Izard by Sam Hill.

How can we play beer pong in AfterParty?

Sam only accompanies us to enter but does not stay, then we must find a game of beer pong, and for this it is necessary to go to the first floor to the right, of the bar, talk a little with the demon so that he can challenge us to a game, in which we must do everything possible to win the respect of the host mainly.

 The first thing we should know is that this is really a somewhat difficult game, and it only consists of shooting at the cups with a ball, where the Angle and the power of the throw in some cases is not usually accurate enough, but that is not all , because controlling the drunk that Milo or Lola has obtained makes it even more complicated, since we see the screen swaying and this makes the precision not the most convenient, this is a pretty negative point in this challenge.

Here it is necessary, put it into practice on several occasions, because the more you practice the greater the quality of our game will be and therefore we will meet the goal of learning to play beer pong in an environment surrounded by demons.

Finally, knowing how to play beer pong is essential, because even if it is not in real life, it allows us to strengthen the accuracy of shooting and this gives you the ability to participate in Afterparty.

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