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Afterparty: How to Get the Apollyon Seal - tips and tricks

2019-10-29 11:53:46

We have made a guide with the purpose of explaining how to obtain the Apollyon seal in Afterparty.

 Apollyon is part of the monarchs that must be defeated, and that in this way we can get these seals, our goal here must be to overthrow this demon in a beverage contest, because satan has simply put the glove on Milo and Lola, with the purpose of getting two of the 4 seals of the monarchs, so let's see how we can achieve it in Afterparty.

How can I get the Apollyon seal in Afterparty?

To get to Apollyon is to go to Little Rantalia, an island where the courthouse of hell is located, here is a bar called Sealed Knot, this is a place just for the demons to enter, to get there it is necessary to use a The witch's coat will serve us to enter once we have climbed the stairs, we must use the coat as a costume, and sit at the bar, the witch will take us to the room and say she knows about us, this happens after talking with Apollyion and his friends.

The witch has to give us some activities that we must carry out, for this we transport ourselves to a trial after the conversation, there we will pose as a lawyer named Roberto Spaghetti, who aims to receive the guilty verdict, where they will indicate that The evidence collected is simply false, as it is guilty of challenging your partner.

 When this trial passes and Roberto has finally been condemned, this demon tells us that we must find the Schoolyard Strangler, the wife, for this it is necessary to climb the stairs and generate a blow of drinking, for this we will have to group the glasses, this is located in 1st and Izzard, the objective here must be to win, because otherwise we cannot obtain the seal, we will have to start with prett, in a way or faster than we can the first two, then we leave with some more patience , not to be left behind and that we will not break the lenses, finally accomplished this we beat Apollyon and receive the precious seal, which I have moved by this event in the game.

In general terms, the trick of deception is a valuable weapon to get the seal of Apollyon in Afterparty.

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