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The following guide deals with Afterparty and its purpose is to help us know how Lola and Milo die.

 Lola and Milo died in Afterparty, the main plot of this game is to escape from hell, here we have a problem for the protagonists as they have no idea how they died, in the next part of the guide we will be able to know how Lola and Milo die, so for many this may mean some kind of spoilers.

How does Lola and Milo die in Afterparty?

We'll meet Apollyon, one of the missions we have to do for Satan, everything will depend on how we play this happens in the middle of the game, we'll find him in the courthouse of hell in Little Rantalia, only demons are allowed entry to the bar, so we'll have to enter the bar somehow, to get to meet her we'll go up some stairs, we grab the witch's coat and also a costume of Lola and Milo, after we get in, we'll have a meeting with Apollyon after a few dialogues.

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    From this it will result that for Roberto Spaghetti we must launch a judgment, once we do it we will be able to drink in a game, then we will have to stack glasses without breaking them up to a line, if we want to know how Lola dies and Milo this is going to be possible after defeating Apollyon, this is going to tell us that both died because of a car accident in which Lola died instantly and Milo 3 hours later.

    In the end we find the answer in this guide, getting to know how Lola and Milo die in Afterparty, we hope this guide is useful for those of us who had this unknown.

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