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AFK Arena: Which are the best hero to choose

2019-12-03 13:14:31

The topic to be discussed in this article will lead us to obtain important details of which are the best hero to choose in AFK Arena.

For AFK Arena there are updates on a regular basis, although time has passed, these allow you to add many new heroes, so it can cause us a lot of question when it comes to a selection, there are many that we may just be starting to know about this game mobile device, for this purpose we have this article that will cover which are the best hero to choose from, so let's continue to see what the following content brings us.

What are the best heroes to choose from in AFK Arena?

There are 3 levels in which different heroes meet high expectations, at the time of work in Pvp, but also in PvE they have great opportunities, for this we will have more details of who are the best options we can choose and consider the following content will be the key to it.

What are the best heroes to choose from (S-Tier Heroes Level) in AFK Arena?

  • Type: Melee Killer
  • Faction: Heavenly

We can say that this hero is well balanced, works as indicated in the campaign and in the PvP, has the ability to teleport, using this against enemies, which causes great damage where he will leave them for some time without courage, Purging Frenzy is another of his abilities, with this cause in the enemies for some time longer a stun, we can take advantage of this to win many games.

Elijah and Lailah 
  • Type: Magician
  • Faction: Heavenly

Despite being comprised of two entities, we will be talking that it is only a hero who causes and receives damage, being able to be a healer of great importance, with his ability Grace reaches to restore 130 percent of the health of an ally, by this ability would have a great advantage since it would take longer to lose health than to recover it, at the moment that one of these two brothers tried to hurt him, the other was responsible for preventing the attack by protecting it by creating a shield to his around, which will be very useful.

  • Type: Rank
  • Faction: Light Bearer

With this DPS hero where his work is at a distance we can have a good base in a team, placing it in the midline of defense will lead him to have an important role with Lyca, not only that, but also with his arrows of flame and Lightning strikes at the same time, it is possible to create great damage to the enemies, these two combined attacks cause the enemy to burn and also expand the damage to the rest of his team.

What are the best heroes to choose from (Level Heroes A-Tier) in AFK Arena?

  • Type: Magician
  • Faction: Hypogeum

Mehira has the ability to blast AoE named Whiplash, which is responsible for impacting everyone with a massive explosion, which will be included even our allies and herself too, this is undoubtedly the most outstanding ability that has this hero, our allies will get 65 energy and 40 percent fast in a time limit of 8 seconds, in addition, health transforms them into allied subjects against the enemies, so that by causing damage the subjects this will return to Mehira in recovered health, so it is good to win.

  • Type: Range
  • Faction: Wilders

This we must use with Gwyneth if we want to cause a full effect, at the beginning of the battles it will be of great importance, since it polishes its allies, which helps them achieve increases in attack speed and energy regeneration, which will allow us to end our enemies before they use their abilities.

  • Type: Mele
  • Faction: Maulers

With his ability Fireseeds level 2, he will cover the enemies with some seeds he will throw, with these the enemy will not be able to recover his HP in any way, so it will represent a great value and more if we use it against Nemora and Lucius.

What are the best heroes to choose from (Level Heroes of B-Tier) in AFK Arena?

  • Type: Melee Tank
  • Faction: Maulers

For the first line in the game it is one of the best, his abilities show it, example of this is the Assault Piercing, it causes 30 percent damage but also, it cannot be blocked, nor interrupted in any way, it also has the ability to mark their enemies where it takes their lives to be part of their HP in a time of 8 seconds.

  • Type: Mele
  • Faction: Light Bearer

We are talking about a DPS hero, who focuses on causing critical damage, which helps his abilities increase, with the execution of this, it will cause 4 critical impacts, which will be remarkable that they are gradually and that the values ​​of numbers They will be level 160.

  • Type: Mele
  • Faction: Hypogeum
Presents to his credit the skill of Deja-vu, which is somewhat problematic, but will cause a restart at the moment that all our allies have been defeated, by using this ability, raising the level this hero will increase the ability of speed and The duration time.

In this way we have reached the end of this article, being its central theme explained which are the best hero to choose in AFK Arena and with this content you can have a better vision, so we want our readers to be satisfied with what is presented here.

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