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A Plague Tale Innocence: How to Find all the Historical Curiosities

2019-05-15 21:59:10

 In A Plague Tale: Innocence there are many historical curiosities hidden in certain locations on the map, and looking for them can become an odyssey.

But for everything there is a solution and we have prepared a very complete guide so you can find all the historical curiosities.

In A Plague Tale: Innocence there are certain details that take you to the fourteenth century in France, those details are the historical curiosities, what are the historical curiosities surely you are wondering, they are composed of a collection of random tools, toys, books, devices of alchemy and other artifacts that teach you more about the culture of this specific time and place.

Surely you will also wonder, why should I look for the historical curiosities in A Plague Tale: Innocence, what do I get with it.

Well, very simple, if you get at least 13 of the 26 curiosities you can get the trophy "Hunter of curiosities". But if your thing is to go even further and not be conformist and decide to find the 26 historical curiosities you can receive the "Curiosities oleccionista" trophy.

Curiosities are some of the most difficult objects to collect in A Plague Tale, but knowing the locations is much easier.

A Plague Tale: Innocence - All Curiosities Locations - Curiosities Collector Trophy or Achievement


If you haven't yet completed the game on your own, we recommend you do so before continuing with this guide so as not to spoil yourself.

With no more to say let's cut to the chase, then we leave you the complete list with the 26 curiosities of A Plague Tale.


This curiosity is in Chapter I, before going up to see Amicia's mother, looking in the back room of the kitchen and climbing the stairs near the fireplace. Walk to the wall at the bottom and you will find the spice dish.


This curiosity also belongs to Chapter I, in the back room of the kitchen he climbs the stairs again, but now he walks down the open hallway and passes Louise before seeing Beatrice again. This article, the surprise that Louise mentioned, is in Amicia's bed. If you take too long to talk to Beatrice, the door will close and you will not be able to leave.


We continue in Chapter II, when you are in the village, turn right and go through the stone bridge, you will have to be aware of the right side will appear a dark and easy to lose alley that leads to a dead end. The collectible object you want is in the corner closest to you when you enter.

Incense and herbs.

Still in chapter II, after climbing the stairs to change your clothes before opening the chest, look at the desk to the left of the bed and you will find the following historical curiosity.


We move on to Chapter III, after the rats appear for the first time. You will have to throw a brazier from the ceiling to swing and you will have to cross to the other side of the room.

But one moment Do not cross completely, when you're halfway there, you'll find the monks' brewery. Check the cauldron at the work table to find the next curiosity.

Tabard crossed.

We continue in chapter III, when you reach Hugo, in the old quarters of the monks, you will have to climb the stairs to where he was hidden to find this in an open chest on the second floor.

Hermetic container.

We are already in Chapter IV, when starting the chapter at the base of the stump of the tree near the small camp next to the path is this historical curiosity.


Still in Chapter IV, before or after meeting Laurentius, you will have to enter Lucas's bedroom on your right, the second floor of the farm. You will find curiosity on the desk.


We begin Chapter V, when you reach the early bit where you have to push the cart, look forward and to the left.

You will see a soldier with a torch in his hand that can be easily snatched from a distance with his sling, and stands next to an open chest.

You'll have to finish him off by pushing the cart in that general direction to find the Sickle and some reagents in the chest he was watching.


We continue in the V, after having stopped the two hanging corpses to distract the swarm, do not go directly to the siege tower, but you will have to turn a U-turn to your left to find a hiding place of reagents, with this horn in the ground nearby.

Sterling pounds

We move on to Chapter VI, leaving the officer's store with Melie, walking on the right side around the car, there is a well hidden side room. Here you will find some sulfur, some cloth and a pile of English coins.

War declaration.

In the VI still, when you free Hugo, cut the main street on the left side of the camp, you will have to go to the exit, the Declaration will be on a stool in the smithy, near a couple of horses that are there.


In Chapter VII, after passing the mill wheel with Melie and Hugo at the beginning of the Chapter, check the hole in the wall near the work table. There is a lock in the next room that you can break with a sling that will let you see a door in the previous room next to the mill.

Go back inside with Melie to get up in the hidden area, there will be hidden curiosity, it's a small white circle.


Still in the VII, once Melie teaches you how to do Devorantis, you will have to throw the patrollers on the right side. One of them is carefully studying this collector's item, spread out on a table under a tent to the right of his destination.

You will have to finish off some soldiers to achieve the objective.


We begin Chapter VIII, this historical curiosity is at the end of the destroyed staircase in the first tower that crosses over Lucas's new laboratory.

Bird language manual.

By the end of Chapter VIII, you can talk to Melie near the fireplace to move on to Chapter IX. But before returning to the walls where she and Amicia had their conversation. This curiosity is behind a barrel on the wall where Melie was standing.

Sheep skin.

Now it starts Chapter IX. After tearing down a corpse to remove a bundle of rats from your hair, a guard breaks in immediately with a flashlight.

There is a chest with this curiosity near the door that used to enter, do not finish with the guard if it is not the right place, take him a little to the room and destroy his flashlight, the rest will do the rats.

Piece of Transis.

We continue in the IX, after maneuvering the old car to the ledge in the cemetery, back a little. There is a part of the fence in the yard where you found the car that you can jump through.

By doing so you will see this historical curiosity inside a mausoleum at the end of a short path.

Study of a skin person.

We reach the X, while pursuing Rodric's captors through the university, you will have to enter a conference room with seats on each side.

Move very cautiously on the right side, historical curiosity is in one of the seats, try not to be seen by the guards.


Still in the X, in the library hidden in the basement of the university with Rodric, check the corners of the room to find an easy study to get lost with this article on your desk.

Harnois helmet

We arrive at Chapter XI, in the kitchens of the Runa estate there is a second servant who has not been damaged by the rats at all. Curiosity is in the chest of hope open behind her.

Family tree.

When you reach Beatrice's laboratory in Chapter XII, look for historical curiosity at the equine table.

Rag doll.

At the end of the village section of Chapter XIII, before you cross the door, you will see how Clevie's looks at you, head to the left and you will see a hole in the wall, curiosity is on the other side in a cave.

Figurine of a knight.

We continue in the XIII, before arriving at Hugo's room, go to Beatrice's work room. This curiosity is in the center table.


In Chapter XVI, being in the city, walk in a straight line and turn off the first torch to release your first group of rats, they will serve you to kill the two guards who are in front.

Then go to your right. Curiosity is in the small side yard, next to a dead guy, and somehow it's grosser than the corpse.

Inquisitor's Manual

After striking the last of the guards between you and the cathedral in Chapter XVI, look to the right of the gallows stairs, behind the barrels.

If you have missed any of the A Plague Tale historical Curiosities in the first run, you can use the chapter selection option in the main menu to jump right to each stage you have reached or completed. Picking up a curiosity keeps it in your Codex at the moment, so you do not have to finish the level for it to count.