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A Plague Tale: Innocence Guide Tips and tricks

2019-05-15 16:02:22

A Plague Tale: Innocence, the action-adventure video game and logic developed Asobo Studio and released just a few hours ago we have been testing and we have prepared for you our first guide with some tricks, details and tips that will be very useful .

It's important to highlight in this guide of tricks and tips that in A Plague Tale: Innocence the goal of the players is to get into the role of two young children and start exploring and knowing some mysterious historical events occurred in the fourteenth century with a fantastic fiction dangerous. In A Plague Tale: Innocence you will also have to survive a plague of rats and the Inquisition, it can be a bit complex, but do not worry, in our guide we will tell you how to do it and we will give you other tricks and tips.

Know how to efficiently use the skill tree and tool making in A Plague Tale: Innocence is one of the most important tips in our guide so you can easily overcome the swarms of rats.

We can go see more details of skill tree in A Plague Tale: Innocence as we progress in the game, but if you don't want to wait for this process do not worry, in this guide we tell you a bit of how it looks besides some tips and a few tricks related to the tree.

When A Plague Tale: Innocence ends there will be seven areas of Amicia skills that can be improved, each with three focus areas totaling 21 skills in total.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Gameplay Overview/Walkthrough

You will have to wait a bit before the tree's abilities can be seen completely but once they are all available for review you will see:

1. Strings

    First update: hitting the enemies in the head kills them instantly.
    Second update: reduces the initial loading time for the Amicia sling.
    Third update: the sling no longer makes noise.

2. Bag

    First update: reduces the time needed to achieve maximum precision.
    Second update: reduce the recharge time.
    Third update: Allows two consecutive shots without priming and recharging.


3. Pocket

    First update: supports up to 12 materials of each type.
    Second update: contains up to 16 materials of each type.
    Third update: you have up to 22 materials of each type.

4. Bag of ammunition

    First update: You have up to 10 ammunition of each type.
    Second update: Save up to 14 ammunition of each type.
    Third update: save up to 22 ammunition of each type.

5. Attirail

    First update: running and dodging make less noise.
    Second update: Amicia no longer needs a workshop to improve her team.
    Third update: Amicia no longer needs tools to update her equipment.

    First update of alchemy containers: increases the duration of the effect.
    Second update of Odoris and Luminosa: allows Luminosa to be launched with a sling.
    Third update: allows Somnum to be launched Instruments.

    First update: Ignifier ammunition distracts enemies.
    Second update: improves the speed of the ammunition elaboration.
    Third update: Shooting a rock with a sling removes the target's helmet Better Skill Updates

Something you have to keep in mind is that not all the skills of A Plague Tale are the same, that's why we have added to this same guide some tips to use your materials efficiently.

A Plague Tale can often make you suffer so we recommend you be prudent when it comes to spending your materials.

Many times you will have to unlock a previous update to unlock a later update in the same area, then we leave you a selection of the most advantageous skills in the Amicia survival tool belt.

Pocket capabilities and ammunition.

Many times knowing what materials to take and what to leave will be very important, do not saturate all your inventory of a single material or materials that you do not use, always try to make it prudently because if you saturate you will have to release something to free up space.

Updating your ammunition and loading capacity of material should be one of the top priorities. As the game becomes more difficult, you will want to have a more abundant and diverse arsenal, and you can not do that unless you are able to carry the extra materials.

Knowing when to make silence from the beginning will serve as support since it's one of the first available updates, keep in mind that many times the best way to defeat a guard is to silence rather than face it.

Amicia is not a super soldier, nor is she a survivor who has been trained, she tells her story that her only weapon is a sling, so you can not go wrong by updating the ropes of her sling to its maximum effectiveness.

The updates of Amicia's stock exchange are very important when referring to a battle, and in this guide of tips and tricks we tell you that, although many times you try to shield yourself and avoid combat, A Plague Tale: Innocence will often force you to get involved and it will be at that moment when you will be happy and grateful to have improved your bag.

Making several quick shots is very important as the number of enemies increases later in the game, and it would be almost impossible to see the final credits of A Plague Tale without spending some materials in the bag.

The branch of alchemy that is in the skill tree is not available until you get more or less half of the game.

When you finally have it available you will find Luminosa and Odoris. Luminous is not very difficult to know what it is for, it illuminates and this will be very useful to keep the rats away, but keep in mind that Luminosa illuminates only for a short period of time.

On the other hand, Odoris can attract rats to a certain area, which will serve to clear blocked roads on many occasions, eliminate the members of the Inquisition or save the life of an ally.

But after all, not all players really want to unlock the entire skill tree, so many will want to pass some skills to others already available and improve them, of course as long as you consider that the skill you want to discard is really not necessary or utility and in this case we selected 3 of them that were not useful to us.

Second update of Attirail.

Third update of Attirail.

Second update of Instruments.

In the case of ties, although it's not necessary for a workshop to unlock skills to appear beneficial, they actually appear with enough regularity that this ability does't help much and, in the end, it seems that we waste materials.

The tools for creation that will cost you more work to find are the toolkits, but do not get confused and think that they really are not necessary anymore.

When you unlock the skill there are three toolkits in the inventory and these are almost always off the beaten track at most of the game's linear levels, but for those who are touring the less traveled areas, they will find enough to stay up-to-date. at a useful rate.

The second update of Instruments to use Somnum is to end up losing because of its high consumption and besides being an element of last resort, you should consider dropping it and move on to the next skill if you could need more.