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A Plague Tale Innocence Guide: How Unlock Time

2019-05-14 16:49:14

It arrives on May 14, the day for which the launch of A Plague Tale Innocence was scheduled. However, at present it's very popular for the premiere, in the form of promotion, to be offered to players the possibility of playing in pre-orders, an alternative that unlocks the game to enjoy it a little before its launch. However, the unlock times for A Plague Tale Innocence were a bit ambiguous. In this article we will talk a bit about it.

A little bit about A Plague Tale Innocence

A Plague Tale Innocence is a new video game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Focus Home Interactive. It's an action-adventure and logic game. It was made for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

The game focuses on the story of two brothers, named Amicia and Hugo, who must fight while staying together in order to survive a brutal world, previously debased by the war. Likewise, the brothers must flee continuously from the soldiers belonging to the Inquisition, as well as from the plague. This world is set in a France of the medieval century of the fourteenth century, specifically in the War of the Hundred Years, in which French and English fought for interests regarding wealth.

A PLAGUE TALE: Innocence Gameplay Walkthrough Demo

The Unlock Time for A Plague Tale Inocence

The developers wanted to reveal the unlock times for A Plague Tale Inocence, however they didn't indicate them exactly at all.

In case you have done a pre-order in Steam, you have an Unlock Time you will realize that it's something strange. According to what the announcement made on Twitter, the Unlock Time for PC started the past May 13 at 3 PM Pacific Time (6 PM Eastern Time), which for the UK is 11 PM BST (British Summer Time) . Although everything depended on the game going into operation at midnight in Paris.

The strange thing of all is that even when Unlock Time was revealed, it was not the case for PS4 and Xbox One. Many thought the sigficado for it was that it would start at midnight in their respective time zone or that he would launch at midnight in Paris and from there reference would be made to the rest of the world.

Pre-load dates for A Plague Tale Inocence

Currently you can pre-load the new A Plague Tale Inocence for Xbox One and PS4. However, we have the "small letters" and that pre-load applies whenever you have reserved the game.

In the case of Steam, the new A Plague Tale Inocence can be pre-loaded from May 12. It's a minimal download, which means that it should not present so many problems. However, it's possible that the game, after its release by compelto, must be played for the first time, which would make everything longer. Especially consolas are considered to be the fastest way to play A Plague Tale Innocence.

As mentioned, A Plague Tale Innocence was developed for PC, Xbox One and PS4. You have enjoyed this story and tell us your experience in the comments.