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Surge 2 multiplayer - How to play with friends in co-op mode

2019-09-25 14:55:32

In Surge 2, it is another of the many games that it gives us as we move forward with new surprises, in this guide we will tell you How to play with friends in co-op mode, or multiplayer mode.

Fortunately in Surge 2, new developments have been added that players will like very much, we refer to the holographic images and bite-shaped labels of illustrative symbols, but you are probably wondering How to play with friends in co-op mode, here We will tell you the answer.

How to play with friends in co-op mode in Surge 2?

There are two interesting things that were added to Surge 2, they are very interesting when you play online, unfortunately there is no way to invite friends to play together whenever we want, that is, there is no way to play the cooperative or multiplayer mode at all times, However, it has two fundamental elements that you can share with different players, they are also very interesting asynchronous elements in this game, and one of them allows you to play cooperatively to some extent, we will describe them below.

What are holographic images in Surge 2?

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    This is one of the asynchronous elements of which we speak, once you obtain a necessary complement for your drone, you can use the holographic images with their characters created in dark environments. These types of images mean that other players cannot get you right where you are located in their game versions. As expected, the less people get your banner in the course of an hour, you will get more reward during your game, as you can see this element is quite interesting.


    What / what are the tags in Surge 2?

    The next element online comes from Dark Souls, these are labels that you can leave in the form of illustrative symbols, if you have played Souls you have noticed some messages that appear, well it is very similar, this includes the way you want to be part of the game, that is, you will have the opportunity to choose if you help your fellow players or make it difficult for you to play in Surge 2.

    Surely your question is still there on How to play with friends in co-op mode, as this mode will be available to players who are capable of indirect cooperation through the appropriate use of tags, either to help in the game or hinder it , but unfortunately it has a limit and you will not be able to play it and fight all together as it usually is in other games we already know.

    As usual, thanks for choosing us, we hope that our guide has been very helpful in Surge 2, now you know How to play with friends in co-op mode, so try to use the tags to enjoy some moments in this way, now You know you have two options to help or interrupt the game of others.

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