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Ni No Kuni: How to solve all horace riddles

2019-09-30 05:14:27

If you're wondering how to solve all of Horace's riddle in Ni No Kuni. Then look no further, here we have it covered.

In this new installment of Ni No Kuni, we will be showing you all the necessary tools so that you can completely solve the riddle of Horace, so take a look.

How solve all the riddle of Horace in Ni No Kuni?

In your journey through the game, you will meet Horace, who will grant you a series of spells in exchange for correctly answering his riddles, which will be very useful for you. So pay attention, because these are all answers to riddles.

  • Ding Dong Dell: Horace will be located at the entrance of the castle. Where the Spirit Medium spell will give you, so you'll have to cast it and talk to it.

  • Al Mamoon: Horace will be located near the source and you should answer: "Dragon of the West".

  • Castaway Cove: You can find Horace on a bridge over the ships, where you should answer: "finer fiber."

  • Fairygrounds: You can find Horace in the suburbs area and you should answer: "crunchy lettuce."

  • Hamelin: Horace will be located on the Hootique's balcony and you should answer: "5".

  • Yule: You can find Horace in the house of the elder of Yule, where you should answer: "Blizzard bloom".

  • Lost: Horace can be found in Swift Solutions, where you should answer: "Jabal al-dukhan".

  • Ding Dong Dell: You will have to go back to Ding Dong Dell after deleting Nevermore to answer: "Undo."

  • Ara Memoriae: The answer is "Wizard's robes."

It is important that you solve these riddles in order, otherwise you will not be able to advance to the next location.

Now that you know how to solve all of Horace's riddle in Ni No Kuni, it's time for you to try.

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