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Minecraft's anniversary map: It has an incredible and interactive museum

2019-05-14 17:32:51

For its 10th anniversary, Minecraft launches a new and elegant downloadable map for free.

The new map in Minecraft is composed of a theme park and a museum, which transports you through the history of the title.

The museum in Minecraft is huge and interactive. Composed of mechanical games, Easter eggs and puzzles. In the game there are gigantic architectural wonders, buildings dedicated to show every block and creatures.

Minecraft 10th Anniversary Map Walk Through

But this isn't the only novelty, because there will be great announcements this May 17, so we will have to wait to see what will surprise us Minecraft.

If you want you can download the map for Java here and for Bedrock in Minecraft Marketplace. You can also participate in the anniversary sale that reduces the base game by 50%.