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GreedFall: How To Upgrade Weapons - tips and tricks

2019-09-10 19:40:44

Here’s what you can do to upgrade weapons in the GreedFall game.

The GreedFall game contains a system to upgrade weapons and armor, so that these adapt to your character, including the update to provide access to exact skills, statistics, among others, this is a little more content to the game.

Steps to follow to upgrade weapons in GreedFall.

First of all, to upgrade weapons you need to explore the artisan talent, you don't have to be a master, since if you have any armor, this skill will be granted to you, so equip the parts you need to update because if you don't do it you will have to spend the relevant point of character development in the game.

Next, you need a merchant who knows how to create, talk with a blacksmith, in the cities there are several, after the workbench of a residence or if what visits a camp, these are found everywhere.

When it is finally located, select the weapon or part of the armor that you are going to upgrade, remember that not every weapon is upgradeable, since the elements that are upgradeable contain a maximum of 3 update spaces and these are visible on the screen of the inventory under the elaboration column, this is located next to the name of the weapons.

Each sector allows you to update an aspect of the weapon, this generates statistical modifications, it is important to keep in mind that some updates of a certain degree of craftsmanship to achieve the objective.

Before doing any upgrade, check all the options that are on the table, because some offer talent, on the contrary others lead you to a talent that you may not have access to and that is a problem, remember that all weapons and armor specific data individual skills, statistics and specific attributes of use, therefore the importance of updating everything that can really equip in the weapons or armor of the game.

To finish, updating weapons in GreedFall is important to have knowledge about their abilities and attributes, because the idea is to modify and improve our arsenal.

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