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Dauntless: New Axe Build for Have a High DPS Shared by YouTuber OhDoh

2019-05-30 19:48:14

In Dauntless players are presented with several weapons they can select. Each weapon in this RPG has its own strengths and weaknesses when hunting the Behemoths. Also, weapons can define the styles of play in each player, some prefer more mobile games styles that can be achieved with the War Peaks, while others consider having less mobility but greater power so they prefer to use an ax.

This guide is oriented just for these last players, given that some details are mentioned to get a very good Ax Construction in Dauntless with which you can get a high DPS.

New Axe Weapon Special - Grim Onslaught - DPS Axe Gameplay - Dauntless Patch 0.8.0

A good Ax Construction in Dautless of YouTuber OhDoh

Recently the YouTuber OhDoh published some Ax Constructions for Dauntless. One of these constructions allows to make an attack at a distance, throwing the ax. With this attack from a distance, it makes it possible to reach and disrupt the Behemoths that are confronted.

 This Ax Construction for Dauntless in particular, focuses on the Grim Onslaught and it is for this reason that players who are willing to get this construction must unlock the precious Grim Onslaught, upon reaching the level of 8 mastery with Axes.

Here are the details to complicate this ax construction in Dauntless and get more DPS:

- Ax: Stalker's Mercy + 15 / Benefits: + 3 wild frenzy / Cells: +3 Evasive fury cell, +3 Etheric tuning cell / Special: Grim Onslaught / Mod: Axero volatile
- Head: Corona de luz + 15 / Benefits: +3 Conduit / Cell: +3 Cell of evasive fury.
- Torso: Darkscale Plate + 15 / Benefits: +3 etheric tuning / Cell: + 3 Ragehunter.
- Arms: Gnasher Grips + 15 / Perks: +3 Ragehunter / Cell: +3 Higher power cell.
- Legs: Swarm Dance + 15 / Benefits: +3 conditioning / Cell: +3 Higher power cell.
- Flashlight: Ecstasy of Embermane / Cell: +3 Duct cell.

Recommendations and considerations for this Dauntless Ax Construction for a high DPS

Having the complete ax construction, the players must consider that they have to master certain aspects to take advantage of this construction as much as possible and thus obtain a high DPS

It is mainly recommended that players focus on maximizing the benefits achieved through the advantages and the cell. This means that it is necessary to dodge attacks with Evasive Fury, to enrage the Behemoths with Ragehunter and to astonish them with Higher Power.

Another very important aspect is that you must learn how to make the best possible use of Grim Onslaught as this can maximize the DPS with this Dauntless Ax Construction. This is because when facing a Behemoth the Ax can be lost using Grim Onslaught, which means it must be recovered.

It is commendable that players learn the patterns of behavior presented by the monsters to minimize the chances of losing the weapon with Grim Onslaught, also that it also serves to determine the appropriate moments to interrupt the Behemoth with Ax throws.

With these details presented in the guide, players should already have a better idea as to how to best exploit the potential for this Dauntless Ax Construction. So go get it to start hunting monsters with it.

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