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Borderlands 3: How to Unlock Proving Grounds - tips and tricks

2019-09-17 08:47:37

Again with you, this time we will give you some very interesting tips and tricks so you can Unlock Proving Grounds in Borderlands 3, we hope they are of your help.

As expected Borderlands 3, has a lot of final activities, where players have the opportunity to demonstrate what they are able to do. Once you achieve the main mission, which lasts approximately thirty hours, you have the option of jumping to the two most important and final activities of the game, these activities are the Kill Circle Mode and the Guardian Ranks. This time we will tell you how to Unlock Proving Grounds in the game.

What are the test fields in Borderlands 3

You should know that these fields in Borderlands 3 are very similar to the dungeons, so in order to get them you have to take on a challenge, it is about discovering alien messages, in this way you will have the option to discover the coordinates of the location of the fields test. Once you are in this place you will have to face and defeat many enemies and a boss, only then can you get an excellent riot, but first you must know how to Unlock Proving Grounds.

How to Unlock Proving Grounds in Borderlands 3

Something very important that you should know is that you will not be able to Unlock Proving Grounds until you have finished the main mission of the game, after this you will find 6 beacons quite far from each other, and in each one you will get a test that you must pass. You have to unlock a device with the name Eridian Analyzer, then you will get an alien text that you have to interpret, it is scattered on Eridian slabs.

Where the six beacons are located in Borderlands 3

As we already mentioned there are six beacons available in the game you can recognize them on the map by a yellow sign, so you must visit them all to activate the search for test fields. So we will tell you where to locate each of them. These test fields are:

  • - The judgment of the discipline, this you will get in Promethea just outside Meridian.
  • - The Instinct test, you will get it at Eden-6 right in the Floodmoor basin.
  • - The survival trial, this beacon you will get in Pandora, just in the Devil's Razor.
  • - The judgment of cunning is also in Pandora precisely in the Splinter Lands.
  • - The trial of favor, you will also get it at Eden-6 in Jakobos Estate.
  • - The trial of supremacy, you will get it on the edge of desolation precisely in Nekrotafeyo.

Something very important is that Unlocking Proving Grounds is something you can do repeatedly and you can get bounties as many times as you want, as we already mentioned, there are six fields that you must unlock in Borderlands 3, if you manage to beat the boss in less than twenty times minutes you will have the opportunity to get more booties through more missions and mini-goals, so do not waste time. Now you know how to Unlock Proving Grounds in the game.

Thank you for choosing us and always being with us, we hope that our guide has been very helpful in Borderlands 3 and you can Unlock Proving Grounds, as many times as possible so you can get the most loot.

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