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Fallout 76: How many levels are? and How many players?

2019-05-22 21:34:55

Fallout 76 will be released in a few months this year and although we already know what to expect in Fallout 76, many players are still wondering how many levels and players there're, among many other questions that abound in the gamer community.

We've been researching to prepare this guide where we respond to several of the concerns that we've noticed the most in the network.

Fallout 76 has broken its own schemes and has added online multiplayer for the first time in the history of the series, so Fallout 76 is expected to be different from what the series has already presented to us.

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How many players per session are there in Fallout 76?

In Fallout 76 there can be a maximum of 24 players per game, the maximum of members of a team will be up to 4 players. Considering that the Fallout 76 map is hugely large, with so few players it'll feel empty. So, when finding a human out there, 100% sure it'll be another player.

All NPCs will be robots or other non-human characters.

The map will be classified by a scheme divided into 6, in which each division has a level of difficulty different from the other.

The map is quite broad, so players can go where they want when they want the best style of the open world, but if you get to an area with a high level of difficulty you will find quite big challenges that you may find difficult to do.

The only thing that is known about these 6 areas of the map is that the zone of the blueberry swamps, supposedly is incredibly difficult.

How many levels are there in Fallout 76

The progression of the players in Fallout 76 has had considerable changes. In Fallout 76 there is no longer a level limit so players are rewarded based on certain level landmarks, plus you can still get XP to do almost anything, discover new locations, kill enemies, complete missions among other things .

The first 50 levels of Fallout 76 will be rewarded with bonuses to one of the seven SPECIAL features found in previous Fallout games.

By increasing the value of a feature you can choose a benefit card for that feature. So, if you update Endurance, you can choose a benefit card related to Endurance. But when you reach level 50 the reward will no longer be available to you and you'll only be able to receive special cards.

Killing now is harder than before.

If one player finds another and shoots them, the bullets don't do much damage. It's more like a warning shot that you're being attacked. If the attacked player returns the fire, the bullet damage is completely returned. Killing a player earns you rewards, but it offers you a reward. If the person you killed returns for revenge, that player earns twice as many rewards.

If one player attacks another and the attacked player doesn't fire, the attacker must stop. If you kill a player who doesn't defend himself, you don't earn rewards and you become a wanted criminal. The criminal is marked on the map for all who play, and a reward is placed on the player's head and the first to kill the criminal wins a reward taken from the criminal's stash.

 The Fallout 76 attacks will be based on nuclear attacks controlled by the players. The main search line ends when a player launches his first nuclear weapon, but other missiles can be found and launched.

When you shoot a nuclear missile, you'll create a new temporary zone based on the radiation of the explosion with rare falls and much more hostile enemies, so we recommend you be very careful in case you want to venture.

Do not be terrified if you see a nuclear missile coming in your direction, all your things will be destroyed, of course, but your constructions will be stored in the plan system and rebuilding will be much easier now.

When you die you'll lose all your items except money and levels, but you can return for them after reviving, but of course not if someone else stole them before.
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