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Fallout 76: Where to Farm Screws - How to get more screws

2019-06-17 18:38:25

Fallout 76 has started to change for a while now and we are not referring to the new Battle Royale mode. Those of us who are a little more veteran in the game have been able to notice the change that Fallout 76 has had, but there are still many things to discover and enjoy.

If yours is the base game and not Ring Of Fire, do not spend a lot of time looking for old materials like the humble screw that during the nuclear apocalypse will be very difficult to find.

Then you will have to ask yourself only one thing.

How to Farm the Fallout 76 screws without dying in the attempt ?.

Well, at the moment there are only a few ways to get Fallout 76 screws:

Buy them from the Charleston Fire Captain's dealer and then divide the items that contain screws.

Eliminate them from corpses of specific enemies.

Two Best Locations for Screws & Springs

Locations of screw materials.

You can get Fallout 76 screws by breaking down a variety of items, we recommend focusing on desktop fans, balloons and typewriters.

Toy vehicles will also give you a screw. But these are usually not found in the locations that we are going to name.

All four of these elements can be found throughout the Fallout 76 game map, and almost any building with desks usually has desktop fans, but all of the above elements can be found in abundance at these particular locations:

Sugar Grove (northeast of the National Radio Radio Array)

National Radioastronomy Research Center (east of the National Isolated Radio Array).

A pier on the Lakebed Toxic Dried (southeast of Wavy Willard's Waterpark).

The office building inside Abandoned Bog Town (northeast of the AMS headquarters).

The Whitespring Bunker (below Whitespring Resort and south of New Appalachian Central Trainyard).

If you're looking for springs, get them breaking clip boards down, which are often in the same places as desktop fans and balloons.

You can also get Freddy's House Of Scares screws, east of the Red Rocket Mega Shop in the Mire region, you'll have to look for Wendigo, who can grant you more than 5 screws with his death.

Sweeping screws from Wendigo.

Finish with Wendigo, grab the screws he gives you and return to the lobby, load a different server and re-strike to acquire as many as you need. Keep in mind that any of its versions may grant you screws, although the number of screws will be random, but if you get a good amount of screws, the region of the Wild Divide that is located south of the Atlas Observatory where you can get more screws, although It will be difficult to survive.

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