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In Don't Starve Together the game of action and adventure based on a survival horror, it is necessary to take into account certain details to stay alive since the conditions of the environment, according to the seasons in which it is, have a lot of influence. Due to this, in this guide of information will be presented regarding the seasons in the game as well as tips and recommendations to take into account especially for players who are starting and who do not have much knowledge about Wigfrid and the statistics of this character at the beginning.

Don't Starve Together Character Guide: Wigfrid

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    Do not Starve Together: Statistics for Wigfrid

    If you are thinking about starting Don't Starve Together, then you need to know a bit about the Wigfrid statistics. At the beginning, this has:

    • Health: 200
    • Hunger: 120
    • Health: 120
    On the other hand, the following points should also be taken into account:
    • Wigfrid can only eat meat.
    • Wigfrid can heal and becomes healthy every time he fights against enemies.
    • Wigfrid can manufacture its own equipment, such as spear and helmet.

    Starting at Don't Starve Together

    When you have first contact with the world of Don't Starve Together, you probably have not played much with Wigfrid. In this sense, in the first place what you must do is to collect resources that are presented to you instantly, among these are the twigs, grass, flint, berries and seeds.

    You must know that neither berries nor seeds are necessary. The berries are not relevant because Wigfrid can only eat meat and seeds because agriculture is useless when you play like this character. Because of this, it is important to know that the first days can be difficult to start with only 4 meats as well as having the habit of picking berries or using other sources of easier food, instead of hunting them.

    At this point it is recommended to find multiple pools that are close to each other, since this allows good chances of getting frogs. These are easy to kill and even when the legs of the frogs can generate little amount of hunger, they can be a good option if nothing else is available.
    Another important point to consider when you start at Don't Starve Together is that you make every hunt that you are prepared, this is because even when you can have a lot of meat, it is possible to eat it quickly. Also, it is not good to try to fight against a varg or ewecus until you are finally ready.

    Fall season start at Don't Starve Together

    The best season in Don't Starve Together is the Fall because it is still beginning and nothing relevant happens. This means that it is the best season to hunt as well as to get the items that will be useful later as well as in other seasons.
    This season applies the recommendation to establish a base that is near a pond where you can get frogs, since these animals are easy food given how easy it is to hunt, as well as these ponds are good for fishing at night , this would be a great advantage for Wigfrid.

    Winter season in Don't Starve Together

    In Don't Starve Together the Winter season can certainly be the most difficult for Wigfrid and in general for the whole game. During this season it is hard because when playing as Wigfrid it is necessary to hunt a lot. On the other hand it turns out to be difficult to leave the base when since Wigfrid can freeze easily, as well as frogs' tanks can be frozen and thanks to this, this food can not be produced.

    Although in the winter season you can stay in the base used during the Autumn, it is necessary to plant the basic resources such as twigs and grass. This will allow easy access to resources that are around in case you run out of resources or need more.

    It must be taken into account that during the winter, for Wigfrid to survive, the forms with which to hunt are killing oxen or others given that frogs are not available and fishing to eat meat.

    Spring Season in Don't Starve Together

    When Spring arrives at Don't Starve Together, there is another tough season for Wigfrid. This is especially due to constant rains.

    Due to the conditions that occur in the Spring, it is advisable to locate a base away from the ponds given that during this season the frogs tend to reproduce quickly and thanks to this they can kill you easily.

    During the Spring season, the place where a base can probably be located is close to the cattle as this will allow a good hunting. On the other hand, if it turns out that you do not have good skills to fight with these animals, the other alternative is that you can find a lot of burrows where you can get moles.

    Summer Season at Don't Starve Together

    Between all the seasons, next to the Autumn, the Summer turns out to be the easiest season in Don't Starve Together for Wigfrid.

    During the summer season it is advisable to move to an oasis in the desert since it is possible to have an easy source of food such as fish from the oasis. On the other hand, you will also want to get a lot of silk before the summer since moving to the Oasis, it is very likely that you will go fishing a lot.

    If you go fishing in the oasis, it is good that Wigfrid get the fashion and glasses for desert since they allow to see during the dust storms that happen in the desert.

    On the other hand, playing as Wigfrid in Don't Starve Together, you have the possibility to kill the Antlion more easily in comparison with other characters. Of course this is not necessary at all, although it can be a good alternative to kill the Antlion in case you do not want to do tributes constantly.

    And this is all the general information, along with some recommendations that you can consider when you start Don't Starve Together as Wigfrid.

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