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You want to know how to check the server status in New World, you are in the right place to explain it to you.

What to know about New World?

The operation of the game depends on the servers, they must be running, so it is important that we can check it on some occasions if there are problems with the connection, for details in this guide we will talk about how to do it, let's see continuation.

How to check server status in New World?

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    What we will do first is go to the server status page, here we choose the region in which the character we want is located, we look for the world that is related to it and we can check if there are servers working and which ones are not, which ones have a green check mark are without problems and those with a red X is because they have problems, this mark is displayed at the bottom of the screen noting what was the last time the server status was updated, which occur in several occasions of the day.

      This is all that should be considered on How to check the server status, it only remains to apply it and see the results in New World.

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