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Netflix has gotten an interesting boom, and therefore it is important to tell you about How to fix error code F7701-1003, let's see.

What causes the F7701-1003 error in Netflix?

It is necessary to be clear that in these times precisely Netflix has become a widely used platform especially considering its stability, it is also available for several platforms and this makes it more attractive, it is possible to use it on mobiles, televisions, consoles and more. However, we get inconveniences, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to repair the error code F7701-1003 and before going to an answer itself it is vital to understand that this can occur due to:

A Widevine content decryption module in the browser, since Widevine precisely allows the reproduction of content protected by the digital rights system, therefore all content that usually has Netflix has it, and in any case there is a communication problem between the Netflix platform and Widewine it is possible that this could throw us this failure.

However, it is not possible to rule out that there are other details that may present inconveniences, in such a way that knowing how to repair the error code F7701-1003 leads us to consider:

  • Internet connection problems.
  • Problems associated with our Netflix account.
  • Check subscription status.

How to fix error code F7701-1003 in Netflix?

Fortunately there are several solutions that can be applied and the best of all of them tend to work perfectly well for Windows users as well as Mac users.

Update the Netflix tab:
This should be our first action to apply to know how to fix the error code F7701-1003, for which it is only necessary to click on the update button in the address bar or, failing that, press F5 on the keyboard and voilà.

Adapt cookies in Firefox:
this is another viable task since there are some contents that normally require cookies, specifically Netflix is one of them, it is also not only conditioned to be done in this browser, because even in the case of using Chrome, Opera or Safari may require the same, so knowing how to fix error code F7701-1003 using this action implies:

  • Open the Firefox menu.
  • Go to "Options" in the case of Windows or "Preferences" in the case of Mac.
  • Then it is necessary to locate "Privacy and security".
  • Next we locate the section "Enhanced Tracking Protection" where it is necessary to select "Custom".
  • We proceed to uncheck the "Cookies" option
  • We click on the "Reload all tabs" button.
  • We go back to Netflix again to check that the bug is eliminated.

Coerce the closing of Firefox:
we continue giving you solutions about How to fix the error code F7701-1003, because sometimes Firefox may be working badly or simply unstable, somehow it is necessary to save all work that we have open before proceeding to perform a respective closure and thus avoid losing any work, to perform this action it is necessary:
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  • Open the task manager and this is done by pressing (Ctrl Shif Esc)
  • Then we right-click on Firefox to click finish task.
  • We start Firefox again and solved this Netflix bug.


  • We open Firefox.
  • Then it is necessary to use (Shift Option Command Escape) this allows to end Firefox.
  • Then we start Firefox again and that's it.

Reactivate digital rights management in Firefox: we continue talking about solutions to know How to fix the error code F7701-1003 and even if Firefox is precisely compatible with the protection of DRM content it is possible to get us with this failure which makes it a lock stone to access Netflix and for this it is necessary:

  • Open Firefox and proceed to select "Options" in Windows or "Preferences" in Mac.
  • Then we must scroll through the "General" section and see that the option "Play content controlled by DRM" is unchecked.
  • Then we open the Firefox tab again and that's it.

Renew the Widewine content decryption module:
this is another action that we can execute, since the idea is to get to enjoy Netflix and for this we must solve as much as possible because knowing how to repair the error code F7701-1003 leads us to :

  • Start Firefox.
  • Then we must go to the plugins page for which we must press "Shift Control A" for Windows or "Shift Command A" for Mac.
  • Then we click on the menu icon to select "Add-ons".
  • Then we go to the plugins section in order to click on "Widevine Content Decryption provided by Google Inc".
  • We must click on the gear icon located in the upper right-hand corner in order to select “Check for updates”.
  • Firefox will download and install the plugin update if one is available and voilà.

Disable private browsing:
There is the possibility of not being able to access the content of Netflix in case of accessing in a private or incognito window, since this occurs when Firefox eliminates cookies and therefore shows us the failure, In this sense, it is necessary to close Firefox and open it normally.

Update Firefox: this is the last action that we must try and if we get to this point it should simply be that the other solutions did not work, in this sense, it is necessary to update, because it is possible that there are some functions that are not working at all well.

  • For Windows, it is necessary to click on the menu icon and go to "Options", this takes us to "General" and from there to "Firefox Updates", it is only necessary to restart and that's it.
  • For Mac, it is necessary to start the browser and select Firefox, then we must locate the menu bar in order to select "About Firefox", when looking for available updates it will download them and once this has been done we proceed to restart.

In this sense, knowing how to fix the error code F7701-1003 allows us to enjoy all the content of Netflix normally.


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