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Neon White offers us more to do, let's see How to get all Neon yellow gifts in Mission 1.

What is the Neon yellow in Neon White?

This is only one of the first characters that we will see in this game, so it is vital to know how to get all Neon yellow gifts in Mission 1, as we play we will be able to interact with this several times, however, If we want to get to know him better, it will be vital to give him gifts, the relationship with him will grow little by little, in addition this is an activity that allows us to unlock some secondary missions, this is a very optimistic guy so it is convenient to keep him happy always.

How to get all Neon yellow gifts in Mission 1 1 in Neon White?

As we go deeper we will get particular rules in the levels and this implies:
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    Movement: this is a gift that we will give in level 1, to get it we just have to take care of playing through the level as we would normally, we have to get to the big water loop at the end and jump it, instead of jumping to the point At the end we must continue in the loop until we see some inclined structures that usually seem to be the ones we can jump over in Neon White, once we jump we can see some flat structures in front of us and the one that is located a little further away will have a yellow gift , it will only be enough to jump to take the gift.

    Waterfall: this is a gift that we will get when we are at level 3, so knowing how to get all Neon yellow gifts in Mission 1 makes it necessary to locate ourselves on the level and turn right in order to find the vending machine with an Elevate card that is inside, in this case we must hit it a few times with the katana and by doing so we will get the card to come out, by doing so, we must take the card and drop it near the beginning, once this has been executed we will use one of her to climb to the top of the structure that is a little further on, we will jump and we can take another loose Elevate card, having two cards we will look up where we will see a large square-shaped opening, we must jump over there to climb to the roof using a card, once up, we turn to look where we came from and we will see a gift on top of a large pillar, we will only use the last card to take it.

    Rebound: the task to know How to get all Neon yellow gifts in Mission 1 continues to occur and this specifically is usually done at level 56 in Neon White, for this we must progress through the level as we would normally do until we get the first letter of Elevate, then, we must bounce some round demons, having taken the card we will turn around and drop onto the slightly lower platform and then turn right where we will see a railing, we must jump on it and look down , here we will see an arch as a reflection of the gift we are looking for, the gift is inside the arch and to get to it we must get off the railing while we progress to the arch, being below, we will use the card to jump on the gift.

     In this sense, knowing How to get all Neon yellow gifts in Mission 1 offers us the opportunity to work a little in Neon White to get a favorable friendship.

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