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Crashes happen everywhere and NBA League Pass is no different, let's see How to Fix Subscription Not Working.

What is the subscription does not work in NBA League Pass?

 This is an inconvenience that we usually have with the NBA League Pass service and that it is nothing more than a sports television service specialized in Basketball, it is a platform that hosts thousands of users, the errors since this platform was launched have been quite a few, specifically Emphasizes the Cannot log in or Subscription not activated, in this sense, it is necessary to know How to fix the subscription does not work, because it is a platform where users are usually active and that covers sports needs, fortunately there is a solution for this problem and that is what we will talk about in this guide.

How to fix subscription not working in NBA League Pass?

There are several solutions that we can apply to respond to this problem and thus have the opportunity to enjoy the Pass that usually benefits both residents of the United States and other countries where they are NBA fans.

Choose to check the server status: this is one of the first actions to take to find out how to fix the subscription is not working, considering that NBA League Pass is an online service and that it has a high demand for subscribers, some Sometimes it is possible that the servers can be overloaded and become inactive.

 Update the application: we continue to provide fixes to this NBA League Pass bug, for which we will only have to take care of updating the application, in recent months it has managed to receive many updates and this could make this bug simply disappear, this update process it is simple and can be done from the official sources on the website, Google Playstore or Applestore.

 Choose to clear the application cache: this is another of the alternatives that are presented to us to know how to fix the subscription does not work and this applies in the event that you are using the browser version, due to this it could be causing us the problem, normally all transmission applications usually have a small portion of data cache that usually helps us resume activities and log in automatically, to clear it we must:

  • Open settings and go to the Apps section.
  • Next, we locate Application Manager.
  • Next, we will go to NBA and click on the Storage tab to finally click on Clear Cache.


 Check the internet connection: sometimes the internet connection is not usually good enough and this causes errors to be shown to us, in this case it is necessary to do a test when entering other transmission sites, such is the case of YouTube to mention some and in this way confirm that there are no problems, in case of having failures we must consult the internet service provider.

 Disable VPN services: There is a possibility that NBA League Pass may not work in some regions, however, using VPN is not an option because this app does not work with it, we must disable VPN before launching the app, elo is part of the solutions to know How to fix subscription not working.

 Verify the region of our account: it is necessary to be clear that we must log in with the subscription of our region for NBA League Pass, being in one country and using a subscription from another country does not work.

 Disable simulated GPS: this is another favorable method to know How to fix the subscription does not work and that is, like VPNs, this does not usually work for NBA League Pass, as long as we keep it active, the applications simply will not work.

 Check the available storage: we must have space so that the applications can work and download content that is related to the transmission in NBA League Pass the amount of space that we must have is between 1 and 2 GB.

 We can conclude this guide on How to fix the subscription does not work, it will only be enough to apply one of these solutions and thus continue enjoying NBA League Pass.

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