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Our Narita Boy guide lets us explain how to get the first backup floppy, let's see.

What is the backup floppy in Narita Boy?

This is just a piece of memories of the creator, the detail is that locating it makes it necessary to embark on a search where it is necessary to choose to solve a puzzle, because this does not have to be something strange because in this game they usually present some good amount of them, now well, before starting this search it is necessary to make it clear that we must get 5 pieces to join them and get the backup diskette.

How to get the first backup floppy in Narita Boy?

Next we are going to detail information about the floppy switch, these are three and are usually located in this way:
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    First: it is necessary to pass a sequence after unlocking the "Creator's Memory", then we proceed to move to the right in order to enter calculation room 3 where we can see a statue, just clicking on it allows us to unlock the first part of this mission.

    Second: it is necessary to unlock another statue, it is not complicated because it is usually easily seen, however, this is an activity that is carried out while we are solving the first puzzle of the quantum meter located in the Underground Garden, so it will only be enough to hit said statue and this allows us to access the next part.

    Third: it is necessary to choose to leave the "Castle of the Fathers of Technology" because the task is to talk to Baba and for this it is only necessary to move to the right, we proceed to jump in the air to reach the ledge. Allows us to access the last switch, once we have managed to press the three switches, we will only move to the hidden room in the center of the house where we will see an open door, we only have to enter through it to get the first part of the floppy disk.

    This is all you need to know about How to get the first backup floppy, as it is only necessary to take care of a respective search in Narita Boy.

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