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The action in Monster Hunter Rise does not stop, so today we are going to tell you How to beat Diablos.

What to know about Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise?

It is one of the monsters known to us previously in one of the previous installments, this has practically no changes to highlight, but there is still much to consider if we want to understand How to beat Diablos and this guide with its content will be very supportive , let's see the details below.

How to beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise?

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We must highlight what is necessary to solve How to beat Diablos, which we have to focus on their weaknesses, which the elemental damage highlights all except fire, ice being the best option, weapons such as the hunting horn will be very useful in this combat in Monster Hunter Rise, the areas of greatest vulnerability being the head and abdomen if we use shooting weapons, the latter and the tail being ideal as the areas to cause greater damage, but when aiming the wings they are a good point in our favor when shooting or cutting, paralysis is a factor of ailment against Diablos, so the damage must have this ailment, the effectiveness of 2 stars that have the glare of ice and the explosion we have to take advantage of them in terms of How to beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise, while this one has stun resistance then looking to knock him out is nil against Diablos, the other ailments still feature an effectiveness star.

It is appropriate that we do not worry about a specific elemental resistance, this motivated to what Diablos does not have its own element, but it hits quickly and with great force, then the resistance to stun can be of great help to avoid this situation, the use of sonic bombs can be very useful, because we can force it to leave the ground when it is digging, in combat Diablos focuses on close-range attacks, use its horns to attack and the good of the case is that it is telegraphed, so if we do not avoid it or block the damage received is enough, it is opportune that we incite it to go against the ant hills on the map, which may mean being trapped, the swinging of its horns is what it will try to do when being close to us in Monster Hunter Rise to get away, if we get behind it, it uses the tail to attack us, but if we use a blade weapon like a sword we can cut it, so which takes some time and the risk it brings.

Keep in mind that the attacks with the greatest impact of Diablos are those that have to do with digging underground, with the purpose of attacking us when leaving, it is possible when it does this to notice it coming towards us, but in some cases it can begin to dig very far from us, which allows it to hit us hard because it will make a jump at the moment of emerging, thereby managing to cover an important distance, to How to beat Diablos it is necessary that we be attentive, it can be of great support to run Before it comes out and even the sonic bombs are very opportune so that it stops digging, for this edition an important change for Diablos is to have an attack that hits the ground with its tail, making launches against us against rocks, thus covering important distance, which implies that regardless of the distance we must be prepared.

 In this way we finalize our Monster Hunter Rise guide, now we know how to beat Diablos, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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