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We welcome you to our Monster Hunter Rise guide, where we will talk about How to beat Barioth.

Who is Barioth in Monster Hunter Rise?

It is a monster known to many of us which was presented in the previous installment to this one, highlighting that it does not have anything space for combat in the game but the answers on How to beat Barioth and in this guide are timely. the details are presented from now on, let's see them.
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How to beat Barioth in Monster Hunter Rise?

The highlight of this monster becomes the movements with the ice, so our main focus is on the resistance to the ice to seek to solve How to beat Barioth, for this we will use armor or eat something that allows us to achieve it, but the physical attacks are The strongest Barioth has in Monster Hunter Rise, the silkbind attacks will play an important role to be prepared before the attacks of this monster capable of causing iceblight, with which it can cause slowdown for the cooling of the metal bugs, to cancel such effects it is opportune eat a nil berry or roll until we get rid of it.

With any type of weapon we can attack the head of Barioth, when attacking the front legs and its wings with blunt weapons the damage will be higher, in the case of cutting weapons they can be useful to attack the tip of its tail, shooting weapons They have high effectiveness against its tail and in the head, so as to How to beat Barioth we have that all the weapons are in some way effective, it is possible that all the ailments of states affect this monster, only that they will be of greater effectiveness with the explosion and the fire of fire, being in 2 stars, it may be an explosive element weapon very suitable for elemental damage in high proportions in Monster Hunter Rise.

One of the attacks of this enemy consists of exhaling an ice tornado, which obviously causes ice damage and is capable of making us fly through the air, even both through the air and the ground, he can apply it to us, he is also able to use his tail To attack, thereby causing an ice beam, he can jump all over the battlefield, where he does it with great force while we are in the jump zone can be a problem, he also has a hip attack, which results being telegraphed, noting that it makes a turn towards us to attack us, it is important in relation to How to beat Barioth in Monster Hunter Rise that when noticing the warning of this powerful attack where it jumps in order to crush us we must be ready to dodge it, it certainly has a high degree of precision, otherwise we will be thrown into the air, but the use of cables can help us to recover, then the wings and their front legs are our best option, because when they break l Bequeath to fall after the jumps, thus achieving an open point to attack.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to beat Barioth has been very useful for your progress and fun in Monster Hunter Rise.

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