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Manufacturing processes are often interesting, so we're taking the time to tell you How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft .

What is the mushroom farm in Minecraft?

  This is one of the cultivation areas that we have in this game, and it is a place where we can plant one of the resources that are usually renewable, but are quite scarce, so it is necessary to know how to farm mushrooms in minecraft and be able to use them in your meals such as soups, broths, among others, this taking into account that they are usually obtained in some particular places such as for biomes:


  •   The swamps.
  • Certain taiga forests.
  • The infrition.
  • The mushroom biomes.


How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft ?

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    We must bear in mind that growing mushrooms is a fairly unique process, this is because they must be grown where there is very little light, that is, little or rather, it is ideal, no light from the sun or torches, this due to Otherwise, they simply break, which means that we can or should grow them underground, therefore, a mushroom that is planted in the dark has the ability to sprout a new Minecraft mushroom, this can be done inside a bucket of 3 x 3 around them so that they can grow correctly, it should also be noted that there are 2 types of mushrooms, the giants and the normal mushrooms.

     Knowing how to make a mushroom farm in Minecraft allows us to have the ability to maximize space in order to grow new mushrooms, in this case we must take care of digging a tunnel 3 blocks wide by 2 blocks high with a floor of earth blocks the tunnel can vary in length due to the amount of mushrooms we can grow, when digging the tunnel we will plant the mushroom in the center line of blocks along the tunnel leaving two blocks of space between each mushroom, implying with This means that we will leave 8 connected blocks of land to grow new mushrooms.



    •  The natural growth process of fungi seems to be slow.
    • Planting more mushrooms increases the rate at which the tunnel can produce new mushrooms.
    • Growing mushrooms can be dangerous, this is because the dark tunnel can spawn hostile mob just like it does to spawn a mushroom.
    • When harvesting it is ideal to enter the tunnel with weapons and armor against possible threats.


     Growing mushrooms allows us to grow giant mushrooms and cut them with the axe, this involves planting a standard mushroom and using bone meal, each mushroom block has the ability to create two mushrooms when broken and each block, even the stem and cap can be harvested, it is possible that they grow between 5 to 7 squares high, these mushrooms are cultivated more when planting them on the surface, this applies in the case of mushrooms grown in podzol or mycelium.


    •  In the case of podzol, they are usually generated naturally in taiga or bamboo forests.
    • In the case of mycelium they can be found in the mushroom biome.


     It is worth mentioning that both land blocks are usually alternate and can only be collected using some silk touch tool.

     This is all you need to know about How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft , just follow the instructions as indicated in this guide.

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