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Minecraft: How to prevent water from freezing

2020-05-07 10:25:48

This time we return with a Minecraft guide aiming to explain how to prevent water from freezing.

  In Minecraft we will need to perform tasks in places where the snow is present, so it is possible that our water sources freeze, which would put us in great inconvenience, since the crops will not have the growth in an adequate way, no fishing place or water source, but there are solutions that will help us know how to prevent water from freezing, we just have to focus on this guide and the content that we will have below.

What to know about frozen water in Minecraft?

Cold temperatures are one of the reasons why the water freezes, this being construction in a snowy biome, the water becoming ice, in cold biomes this situation can occur, height plays its role In this also, it is necessary to take into account some factors that influence that we pass through this class of obstacles, which are, the water is exposed to the sky above, the adjacent light for the water block is below the level of 13 and we find that one of the blocks is not water, something that for some versions of the game does not work the same way.

How to prevent water from freezing in Minecraft?

There are a couple of options that can help us to prevent the water from freezing, the first is that we put a block on top of the water source, a half slab more or less, regardless of the height, thus covering the part above the water, the other option we have is that we surround the water block with a light source, among the best are the torches, which are capable of preventing water from turning into ice.

It is possible that if we use these two options in combination or individually, we can avoid this frozen water problem, now we can cover the entire upper area of ​​the block so that our water does not end up frozen.

 We concluded that knowing how to prevent water from freezing is easier than previously thought, so with these steps it is possible to progress and have a lot of fun in Minecraft.

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