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If you want to sing birthdays or if you are just hungry you better pay attention, because today we will tell you how to make a cake in Minecraft.

What is the Minecraft cake for?

It is one of the most complex foods to cook in the game due to the high number of ingredients that require its preparation and that is why we will tell you how to do it.

How to make a cake in Minecraft?

Below we will list for you the necessary ingredients and their position on the game's elaboration table:

      1 Egg (Center Square)
- You can easily get eggs if available in a closed chicken coop. although nature's chickens also lay eggs.
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         2 sugars (left and right of the egg): If you have or find planted sugar canes you can easily collect them and obtain sugar, remember that the canes grow next to streams or spaces with water.

        3 milk cubes (top row):
    To make the cubes you will need exactly 9 irons, to get the milk that will have the bucket in hand and right-click on the cow to order and get the milk for a bucket and so on until you fill the three necessary and the buckets can be used again whenever you need them, be it for milk, water or lava

       3 wheat (bottom row):
    If you have a feat you can sow seeds in the ground and after a few days in the game it will become wheat ready to harvest. You can also advance its growth with skeleton egg powder.

    Once you have all the ingredients in the recipe, place them on the workbench as the directions for creating the cake.

    So we finish this article on how to make a cake in Minecraft, we hope that it will be very useful and easy to understand so that you can take advantage of this food when you are hungry.

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