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Today we are back in the world of Minecraft to tell you how to get Ancient Debris, let's see.

What are the Ancient Debris in Minecraft?

With the advantage of getting a number of elements here, it is necessary to consider the ancient rubble, as these are simply a very important resource, as they are necessary implements for the elaboration of diamond armor, improvements to some weapons and we can get them at levels 8 and 22 from Nether, as specifically these resources can give us Netherite necessary for improvements.
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    How to get Ancient Debris in The Last Of Us Part 2?

    These can be extracted from a mineral vein but we must be careful, and only choose to use a diamond pick to extract them, the other tools simply will not help, we can get these rubble in some chests of the remains of bastions.

    The chests are the home of Piglins and there may be some small amounts of ancient rubble inside, the important thing is to know that the Nether stone usually spawns there and that they are highly valuable and high-performance items. It is good to consider that we can make a mixture with Gold, as this can simply allow us to make an ingot, Netherita, product of the combination made in the oven where we can make Netherite scrap.

    These Ancient Debris can be located in one of these biomes:


    •  Nether rubbish.
    • Valley Soul Arena
    • Crimson Forest.
    • Warped Forest.

     As you will see how to get old rubble is not so complex but highly necessary in Minecraft because it is a vitally important resource.

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