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Today we bring a guide where we explain how to play Jenny Mod on Minecraft Pocket Edition.

What is Jenny Mod on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

  This is just one of the fun and unique modifications that we have in this game, so it is necessary to know How to play Jenny Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition, this opens the possibility of using Jenny as a virtual girlfriend with whom we can do a series of activities in this wide and endless world.

How to play Jenny Mod on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

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    In order to do so, we must take care of installing the mod in the base game and for this we can use the Jenny Mod application for MCPE, this is usually available in the Google Play Store.

     In case you want to do this task manually, there is the possibility to download the mod zip folder and extract the file and then paste it in the mods folder of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

     Note: this second option is not the most viable because there is the possibility of getting stuck.

     Downloading Jenny Mod on Android involves opening the Google Play Store and searching for Jenny Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition, then we must touch the Install button and once the application has finished installing we will open the home screen, this installation process requires having the base game installed on the Android device, to finish we must open the game, and you got a mod installed.

     Now that you know how to play Jenny Mod on Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can follow the instructions given in this guide and that's it remember give her diamonds emeralds and gold.

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