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In the Minecraft Caves universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get Axolotl.

What to know about Axolotl in Minecraft Caves?

In the summer of 2021 we have to get the update that will bring the Axolotl with it, although they can be seen docile, it turns out that their nature makes them predators, although it is good to consider that they will not cause harm to us and that they may rather be of support against those existing hostiles, now it is ideal to understand then How to get Axolotl and that we will see right now in the following content.

How to get Axolotl in Minecraft Caves?

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    It is necessary that we find a Lush Cave, it is about a generation that is under the Azalea trees that has been seen recently, it is necessary that we go to this part of the trees to get to the cave, thus noticing the bright berries and greenery surrounding us, but we will find ourselves in the water as we continue and we will be submerged to find some of the Axolotls, we can find them pink and even brown.

    It is necessary to submerge ourselves since they will not reach the water's edge, not even a fishing rod will work, it is necessary that we use some cubes so that in this way they become an Axolotl cube similar to other cases such as tropical fish and balloons, for each of these cubes that we have, we will only be able to carry this creature, it is ideal to carry several to obtain many, if we have it in the form of a cube it is possible to carry it anywhere as if it were an object , but it is not possible to be stacked.

    It is clear that knowing how to get Axolotl allows us to have more fun in Minecraft Caves.

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