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We welcome you to our How to Get Beet in Minecraft Bedrock guide.

What to know about beets in Minecraft Bedrock?

It is one of the crops that are available in the game, it is presented with update 19 of 2016, in the farms of the village they are growing, through an enchanted tool, you can also access the seed of this one to harvest it, know for more details regarding How to get beets in Minecraft Bedrock let's follow the following content.

How to get beets in Minecraft Bedrock?

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    By obtaining the seeds we will be cultivating beets, in the same way as other crops, what we will do is plant the seeds in the land and wait for them to grow, then with this we can give them the following use:

    •  Food: this is not something suitable to feed, only in an emergency it can restore 0.5 hunger, we can make a soup with this, which requires 6 beets and a bowl, achieving a 3-point improvement in hunger restoration.
    • Trade: we can sell these to add emeralds, with a farmer you have a 25 percent chance of buying about 15 beets for an emerald, we can help ourselves by cultivating emeralds by zombifying and healing the farmer multiple times.
    • Raise pigs: for this case we can use a beet to feed a couple of adult pigs, with this a piglet is generated, with the use of this beet they are also attracted.
    • Handmade red dye: it is something common in the game that is made with different elements, this being one of them.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to get beets in Minecraft Bedrock has been very useful for your fun and progress.

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