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Angel Marquez
2021-03-12 15:32:19

More about: macOS

This time our guide is macOS, where our intention is an orientation on How to free up space on your Mac, let's see.

Why free up space on your Mac in macOS?

It is something necessary because the security program that was integrated by Apple constantly makes backup copies, which leads to a constant use of hard disk space, it is certainly an important advantage that will protect our data to be used at the Time of some restoration for different reasons, it is a function that works with Time Machine, achieving access to the data without the need for the backup disk, but at some point we will see the space limited by this operation, so knowing how to free space on your Mac is something necessary and for this we have to guide the following content, let's see.
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How to free up space on your Mac in macOS?

Because of the local snapshots is that our hard drive keeps taking up space, once Time Machine has been configured these snapshots will be created automatically every 24 hours when we start our MacBook, there are even weekly snapshots stored, for years we have done with For this constant backups, this can take up to 100 GB minimum to consider for macOS.

So as for How to free up space on your Mac, we are going to eliminate these backup copies, only that Time Machine can focus on the oldest ones, thus achieving 20 percent of freed space for macOS, now it can be seen automatically Local snapshots were eliminated by Time Machine without including the most recent ones, this when the space is at the minimum of 10 percent, corresponding to 5 GB or less, now it will not stop the program from accumulating snapshots, it will only replace the old ones for the new one until we have enough space and then it will work normally, but sometimes not everything works out in the best way, if we require that space we can delete the snapshots, which will lead us to an option to do it, This is a command that allows you to deactivate this function, achieving with it the elimination of all snapshots, which solves the question of How to free up space in your Mac and end up even preventing Time Machine from working.

So considering that we must deactivate the snapshots to eliminate them we have to do the following:


  •  Enter Time Machine preferences from its own menu on our Mac.
  • We are going to uncheck the option of automatic backups.
  • We wait until these snapshots are deleted and check the automatic backup option again.


 Certainly the elimination of the local snapshots must be very necessary to do it in macOS, taking into account that the elimination of the old ones automatically is more feasible, only that the space despite this may be limited, therefore knowing how to free Space on your Mac without harming us later is the ideal, taking into account that the lost data cannot be recovered before possible failures.

 It is evident that knowing How to free up space on your Mac allows us to continue with a correct operation when using macOS.

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