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Angel Marquez
2020-10-16 17:00:42

We welcome you to our Lucifer Within Us guide where we will talk about how to solve the Two Brothers case.

What to know about the Two Brothers case in Lucifer Within Us?

 This is the first case that we will have in the exorcism game, where a priestess was brutally murdered in a consecration ceremony, at first glance everything points to an accident, Gideon and Ruben were the ones who were in charge of the supervision, therefore they will be the main suspects, coming to consider that both had sufficient reasons, now to have an idea of ​​how to solve the Two Brothers case, we have the support of the following content, let's see it.

How to solve the Two Brothers case in Lucifer Within Us?

  •     The evidence: in Gideon's work station we have to find a workshop, which we must explore on the left side, here we will have physical evidence consisting of the consecration ceremony and the coronary limiter with precise instructions, we will go from here to the site where the crime occurred, finding a control panel similar to an organ, highlighting by means of this that the ceremony was beyond the safe, taking in place the evidence of the body and the remains of the coronary, we are going to see how to solve the Two Brothers case, according to its plan this is about 3 pieces, but the limiter that was seen before is not found, if we press the door button we will see that the camera was opened a couple of times at the same moment of the crime, We are going to have Rubén's work on the right side of the workshop, there are not many things of impact as evidence, here we will find at least the planes of the crown and the lance, you can see the need for a amplifier, a housing and a limiter for the coronet, later in Lucifer Within Us this will be relevant.


  •    Gideon's psychological test and contradictions: looking to solve how to solve the Two Brothers case in Lucifer Within Us we have that this is the younger brother and he is cybernetically in charge of the ceremony, there are some aspects that can destroy him during the interrogation, this states that When he came out of the ether the ceremony was fine, but we know that it is false due to what we saw in the control panel, with this test it is possible to contradict him so that the lie comes out and in this way his side is presented that will lead us to The psychological test, this will also affirm that I greet mother Miriam only and once we talk with Rubén we will see that it did not happen as he told us, so we can use this against him.

  •     Psychological evidence and contradictions of Rubén: in his testimony we are also going to find many things that do not fit together, seeking to know how to solve the Two Brothers case, we will certainly see the confirmation that he was found present at the entrance of Miriam's mother, but then of this according to return to continue his work, but Gideon has not said the same, before he returned to his workplace he took mother Miriam to the consecration chamber, the psychological evidence that was presented in Lucifer Within Us is important, since He is going to state that he felt a bad feeling when he was at his workplace before he tried to prevent the ceremony, but taking into account the two occasions in which the door was opened, he will remember that if he did it during the ceremony, at the moment that Miriam and Gideon were praying with their eyes closed, so envy enters here as psychological evidence, then from here it will be at our discretion to make the mixtures c with the pieces of evidence and investigate the murder, in turn making the accusations that we deem appropriate.

We hope that the information detailed here on how to solve the Two Brothers case will be very useful to progress and have fun in Lucifer Within Us.

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