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Lidia Rozo
2022-04-18 17:03:58

More about: Lost Ark

Lost Ark offers us more tasks, which allows us to explain how to get to Yudia.

What is Yudia in Lost Ark?

  This is one of the continents that are present in this interesting, but extensive map of the game, so it is necessary to reach this area because it offers us a variety of chests and items.

How to get to Yudia in Lost Ark?

  We must have some requirements to achieve this and this implies:


  •   Get all the Mokoko Seeds that are usually scattered by Rethraims.
  • Complete the Adventurer's Tome of Rethraims.
  • Have a minimum of 50 virtues of kindness for Rapport missions.


  Now that we have these requirements, we must cross to the northern end of Rethraims, where we will get the portal that allows us to teleport Yudia instantly.

  It is necessary to take into account that Yudia has two main areas and they are:
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Saland Hill: we reach this when crossing the portal, once in this place we must take care of looking for kitchen collectibles, in addition to others that may be available.

  Ozhorn Hill: This area has bosses and enemies that we must defeat, in addition to having to complete the Adventurer's Tome and get Mokoko seeds.

  Yudia is a continent that offers us some main missions and they are the following:


  •   The search of the nomad.
  • Camp burned.
  • Bandit Street.
  • Salt mine.
  • The search for the monument.
  • Tear up the bandits.
  • Another monument.
  • Aregal Salt Flat.
  • Submission and Salvation.
  • The last monument.
  • Always one after another.
  • nomad meeting.
  • Get ready for rain.
  • To Morai.
  • Where is Armel?
  • fire fox
  • Armel and the demon.
  • Demon submission.
  • Let's go to Luther!


  This is everything we know about How to get to Yudia, you just have to embark on a quick trip through Lost Ark.

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