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Angel Marquez
2022-04-18 17:09:06

More about: Lost Ark

The action in Lost Ark doesn't stop, which leads us to tell you how to get the giant Wheat Sack.

What to know about the giant wheat sack in Lost Ark?

It is something necessary to complete the recipe that allows us to make the royal white bread, added to the sack of wheat, this recipe also requires silver, to have the details that lead us to get the giant sack of wheat, let's follow the following content.

How to get the giant wheat sackin Lost Ark?

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Through the farms that are in Prideholme on the Arthemis continent we are going to be able to find this bag, for this we start by going to Prideholme to talk to Cook Hely, and we go east, to go to the farms we will go south, close to some cows are some sacks of ingredients, when approaching you have to use the icon to investigate by clicking on it, which makes us check the ground to obtain the giant sack of wheat.

Having the sack of wheat we can now complete the recipe, which requires us to go to Prideholme in Rethramis in the southwest of the area, here is an NPC near a food stall, who turns out to be Hely, when interacting with her, she appears in a window that will show 3 foods, you have to press on the white bread window, with this we will see the ingredients, being a giant sack of wheat and 1400 silver.

In this way we finish our Lost Ark guide, now you know how to get the giant wheat sack, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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