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Learn how to drop items, because it is a necessary task in Loop Hero.

What to know about Loop Hero?

We encounter different situations throughout the game, there are many types of monsters that we must fight in order to achieve an unlocking of different classes, the handling of objects can be somewhat confusing, certainly as we progress we will collect them, however there are moments in which we must drop elements, these can be weapons, armor, rings and shields, which have to do with the improvements of our statistics, on the right side of the screen we can see these objects in a 4x3 grid, which will go away filling in while we know how to drop items, then it is possible to check what statistics the object has before taking it to the inventory slot, to have more details let's see what the following content offers us.

How to drop items in Loop Hero?

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    According to the order in which we are collecting them we have that the objects can be added to the inventory, when this is full, and we are going to collect an object, we have that item 12 on the list will be released, in such a way that it will be destroyed to add it as scrap with the resources that are related to the loop, it is important to be careful that the necessary elements do not end up destroyed, as for how to drop elements it must be emphasized that the tokens that we have collected will be at the bottom of the screen, from left to right In the same order that they were collected, having accumulated the maximum total, what will happen is the self-destruction of these, the ones on the left will go through this process in Loop Hero, it is possible that the placement of these tokens that are considered lost can be used to open the space for future cards, to get the most out of the cards it is important to learn as many as we can, because this is of great influence on our stray starting and development.

    So we finished our guide on How to drop items, hoping that you can get the best out of Loop Hero, a very busy game.

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