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Legends of Runeterra: How to Earn More XP

2020-01-27 12:40:42

Knowing how to earn more XP is simply essential in all games and Legends of Runeterra is no exception. Let's see how to achieve it.

What is Legends of Runeterra?

This is simply a card title based on the success won by League of Legends, presenting an interaction of spells and abilities, where knowing how to win more XP is essential to be able to perform as best as possible.

How to earn more XP in Legends of Runeterra?

This card game is a strategy game, because the road to victory can become a bit complicated, but that does not mean that it is impossible to achieve it, because Riot Games has been responsible for taking out an excellent game, where it will be ideal to perform several approaches, where we have several options and that we will find out below.

How to earn more XP with different champions in Legends of Runeterra?

It is important to build a deck around several champions and the skills that this has, so it is ideal to play with everything you can, since at the beginning of the game we do not understand exactly how it works, since Runeterra consists of 6 regions and each of them has at least one champion.

These are the regions in Legends of Runeterra.Noxus

  • Ionia

  • Demacia

  • Shadow Islands.

  • Piltover and Zaun.

  • Freljord

Knowing how to earn more XP requires building the perfect deck and for this it is necessary to acquire the strongest deck, as the different combos and champions will need. The ideal recipe here to achieve the advantage is to combine the appearance of Anivia with Tryndamere de Freljord, which serve to generate a great cleanliness and EA effects, because both have an amazing mechanics that allows us to obtain a formidable effect when a bombing is executed letters, this being more difficult for us or for our enemies.

Another important detail to keep in mind is that, we have two phenomenal cards that can knock down all the cards on the board and they are, Ruina and Ella, having as an ability the resurgence of Anivia and Tryndamere, in addition, if we want to put things worse with Nexus, an enemy in Legends of Runeterra, having a baron board, we will simply have to use champion cards, they will really be favorable, being these a great help in our goal on How to earn more XP.

It is good to be clear that each region must have cards, combos and strategies that allow us to match the deities, because, in Legends of Runeterra we can obtain 40 cards in a deck, where we will get, 2 cards of champions, this is where we will have two options to choose from, be it a style of play based on the champion or simply match them with others in order to cover our weaknesses.

How to earn more XP by leveling up the Legends of Runeterra?

Normally we use the champion cards when they usually attack our Nexus, for this it is ideal to keep them off the battlefield at the beginning, because with this it seeks to obtain more opportunities that allow us to obtain the requirements to level up, because it is difficult, this excellent option to get more XP, since by winning several games where we get the victory, we can level up and win more XP.

How to earn more XP with other elements in Legends of Runeterra?

> Mana use.

It is possible to save a maximum of 3 mana cards, this element being very useful for leaving strong spell cards, as it is a feature that is found in this game, since as we progress in each round we have the option of obtaining Letter cards, the use of these cards being a phenomenal strategy to deal with some accurate shots to Nexus, since each card has several amounts of mana, which you can get with low-cost cards, the ideal here is to know how to handle Mana

> About healing.

Overheating is a feature in card games, where over-healing is usually specific in order to get HP, only in Legends of Runeterra you simply cannot realize, because healing in excess is not an alternative here.

> Quest Re-roll daily.

It is basically these quests the option of knowing how to earn more XP, because, as we progress we can locate more cards through searches, where we have the option to launch some diverse missions.

> Legends based on the kingdom.

This game has its functionalities in a specific way, because even when it is similar to poker, it is simply required to study the movements, in order to locate the keys, since here the shifts do not count, here what prevails is the kingdom.

Now that you know how to earn more XP, dedicate yourself a lot of fun with this game that is really interesting, as Runeterra Legends is a space for strategy.

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