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Find out how to free the Sasquatch in this excellent and explanatory Kingdom Rush guide.

What to know about the Sasquatch in Kingdom Rush?

It is one of the missions that leads us to meet a creature to be released, where the complex remains above average, it is important then that we have the appropriate level for it, having a precise strategy of our movements, we must clear the place using checkpoints, artillery pieces and much more, to know how to free the Sasquatch let's see what the following content offers us.

How to free the Sasquatch in Kingdom Rush?

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You have to have the correct handling of the mechanics of this specific level, it is impossible to let this character pass because it is our ally, therefore free it, here we will notice a cave in the Persian site, the entrance is initially blocked by an ice rock, we have to destroy it, by means of the meteor shower we can do it, achieving a successful hit, presenting an animation we will see the unlocking of the passage, and we will see the Sasquatch free.

This is how we end our guide on How to free the Sasquatch, hoping that you can get the most out of a game as busy as Kingdom Rush.

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