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Failures are simply part of the life of games, Hyper Scape has not been saved and this allows us to explain how to fix the Vulkan-1.dll error

What causes the Vilkan-1.dll error in Hyper Scape?

  This is a game that really does not take long and already has some number of bugs, so today we are in need of explaining how to fix the Vulkan-1.dll error, because this is simply quite annoying because we are facing a game of shots where the failures usually make you lose all the fun, so giving an answer is simply essential but this implies considering the reasons why we ran into this problem and these are the following:


  •   The outdated Windows operating system.
  • Missing Vulkan-1.dll file
  • Temporary system failures.
  • Using the integrated graphics card.
  • Outdated graphics drivers.

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    How to fix the Vulkan-1.dll error in Hyper Scape?

     Fortunately, we have some simple but efficient solutions that can safely solve this problem.

     Update Windows.

     One of the reasons why we have problems in games is the outdated operating system and this becomes tedious, for this it is necessary:


    •  Click Start and proceed to select Settings.
    • Then we click Update and Security.
    • Then we will click on Check for updates.
    • At this point we download the updates that are available and install them.
    • Finally we reboot our PC and launch Hyper Scape again.


     Download the Vulkan-1.dll file

     It is possible to find the absence of this file, but that is not complicated because we only need to download it and we do it this way:


    •  We download Vulkan-1.dll on our PC.
    • Next we extract the zip file into a folder.
    • Then we copy the files to: WindowsSystem32 and C: WindowsSYSWOW64.
    • Finally we restart our PC and launch the game again.


     How to check game files

     One of the feasible options to know how to fix the Vulkan-1.dll error is to check the game files because sometimes they can present some problems and we can do it this way:


    •  Open the Uplay client.
    • Clicking games.
    • Go to Hyper Scape.
    • Proceed to click on the arrow and select Verify files from the drop-down menu.
    • Run the process and wait for it to finish.
    • Finally restart our PC.


     How to reinstall Uplay to fix Vulkan-1.dll error

     In some occasions this service may not be working perfectly well and it may cause us some problems to solve it, it is necessary to reinstall it as this is part of the options to know how to repair the Vulkan-1.dll error

    •  Click start.
    • Then go to Control Panel.
    • We proceed to select Uninstall a program by right-clicking on Uplay and choosing Uninstall.
    • Follow the prompts displayed on the screen.
    • Restart our PC.
    • We go to the official Uplay page and proceed to download the desktop application.
    • We double click to install Uplay client following the prompts.
    • Finally we log in and run the game again.

    Use dedicated GPU.

     Hyper Scape is a game that requires certain characteristics and therefore it is necessary to consider the GPU that we are using.


    •  Nvidia Control Panel is required to launch.
    • Proceed to select Manage 3D Settings.
    • Click on Preferred Graphics Processor.
    • Next we select High Performance Nvidia Processor.
    • We save the changes and restart our PC.


     Definitely knowing how to fix the Vulkan-1.dll error simply allows us to perform some series of tasks, it is only necessary to find the one that really suits us and manages to get us out of this inconvenience, since Hyper Scape deserves to be played with complete peace of mind.

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