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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-10 14:05:02

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Falling in love is a very normal affair in HuniePop 2 and this allows us to tell you how to recharge the girl's resistance.

What is HuniePop 2 about?

In this edition we find a puzzle mechanic to highlight when trying to progress in the game, it certainly presents a higher difficulty when compared to the first game, related to this we want to understand How to recharge the resistance of the girl and that is what We will see in the following content.

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How to recharge the girl's stamina in HuniePop 2?

Before we find a double resistance system, where one of them is activated in appointments, it is necessary that with some white chips to coincide so that the girls receive more resistance, as for system 2 this will be activated Outside of appointments and there are restrictions with the girls when it comes to interacting, when asking a question, giving a gift or another kind of action that is outside the appointment, it will be seen to lower their resistance, which will lead to focus on the girl previously to a date, in this way the other girl can retain all her resistance, managing to connect Tokens for her and make the change to the other girl later.

However, some can lead the girls to not have any resistance, which will be an obstacle to give them gifts or talk to them, then the solution is to go to sleep at the hotel, for this we enter the HunieBee with the space bar and search The option in the search engine and hotel, choosing the nap as an option, in turn establishing the time to wake up, with this the girls will be able to count on more resistance, making all the actions possible to perform again.

 Now that you know How to recharge the Girl's Stamina, it's time to give it a try and see that HuniePop 2 is well entertaining.

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Tile-matching, dating sim
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