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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-10 14:25:43

More about: HuniePop 2

Knowing how to change clothes is simply a necessary task that we can do in HuniePop 2, let's see.

What is the purpose of changing clothes in HuniePop 2?

This game allows us to have the possibility of carrying out a number of interesting activities, and precisely changing clothes is one of them, as this allows us to choose the possibility of having a considerable amount of outfits, for which it is possible to have different ways to get them:


  •   Unlock them with codes.
  • Achieve them by performing specific tasks or challenges.
  • Get them by playing the game.

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How to change clothes in HiniePop 2?

To achieve this, it is necessary to press the space bar to open the HunieBee, then it will be necessary to click on the search tab of the hotel room, because with this we get to go to the room where we can choose to execute any of the following options:

  •  Take a nap
  • Ask about the Fairy Wings
  • Open the closet
  • Look at the photo album.


 Our job is to focus on the option to open the closet, take a look at the characters we have met and click on one of them where we are presented with the wardrobe options, here we can feel free to combine some outfits and choose find one that we like, however, it should be noted that this can become somewhat limited when we are starting this game, but as we progress in the game, we have more opportunities to choose other costumes, thanks to the opportunity to meet more characters.

With the suits it is possible to go to some appointments, because with this there is the possibility of accessing more objectives throughout this game, because we have many interesting options in this game where it is possible to adapt this game to our tastes so which is possible to activate or deactivate the censored mode, at the end of everything we are free to play it as we see fit.

 Now that you know how to change clothes, it's time to try it out and tell us what you found about this option in HiniePop 2.

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Tile-matching, dating sim
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