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Humankind has just been launched, and therefore it is convenient to know the List of all eras, let's see.

How many eras are there in Humankind?

It is necessary to make it clear that this game comes to remind us of human civilization, in such a way that knowing the List of all eras allows us to indicate that there is a total of 7 eras, and each of them usually corresponds to a period in history of humanity, we have the freedom to choose the one that we consider favorable and from there to delve into what are its advantages and in the same way its abilities.

Knowing the List of all eras allows us to get involved in different moments of human civilization, allowing us to get involved in different Humankind activities that include working from prehistory to the modern era.

What is the List of all eras in Humankind?

Neolithic Era: this era is usually related to the introduction and here we are allowed to focus on what are usually the land or knowledge, basic resources, but necessary, this because we are a Nomad tribe.

It was Antigua: we continue touring Humankind and this takes us to a time where we managed to get involved in a civilization where there is the so-called Bronze and Iron Age, here we get involved in activities such as:

  • The calendar.
  • Writing.
  • The bronze smithy.
  • The wheel.

Classic Era: this is another of the eras present in this game and allows us to delve into other technological inventions, here we get to work on activities such as:

  • The philosophy.
  • Greek culture.
  • The Huns.
  • Mayan culture.
  • The rhetoric.
  • Hydrology.
  • The armies.
  • Expeditions.

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Medieval Era: we continue talking about the List of all eras, and this time leads us to get involved in:

  • Ideologies.
  • The dynasties.
  • Aztec culture.
  • Englishmen.
  • The Franks.
  • The Nordics.
  • Theology.
  • Feudalism.
  • Alchemy
  • The furnace steel.

Early Modern Age: during this time, we are allowed to get involved in:

  • Colonialism.
  • Trade.
  • Spanish culture.
  • Ottoman culture.
  • Japanese culture.
  • Mercantilism.
  • Mobile typography.
  • Gunpowder War.

Industrial Age: This is another crucial era in this game and is often involved with:

  • The industrial Revolution.
  • English culture.
  • Laughter culture.
  • Zulu culture.
  • Urban planification.
  • Mechanization.
  • Scientific method.

Contemporary Era: This is pretty much a modern era at Humankind and offers us the opportunity to get involved in:

  • American culture.
  • Soviet culture.
  • Chinese culture.
  • Computing.
  • The radar.
  • Mass entertainment.

More to come: this is an era that may be future, and that may occur in the event that the DLC of this game can remain successful.

This is all that we know about the List of all ages in such a way that this allows us to have the opportunity to get involved in the knowledge of civilization through Humankind.

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