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Angel Marquez
2021-01-25 03:25:47

More about: Hitman 3

Today we bring you a Hitman 3 guide where we will explain how to get an explosive golf ball.

What to know about the explosive golf ball in Hitman 3?

  Among the many options that we find in the game of killing the targets, we have that the explosive golf ball is one of them, we will use it against Carl Ingram, certainly there are many ridiculous ways to do it, but this time we will see the details on How to get an explosive golf ball and thus complete a challenge, then let's move on.
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How to get an explosive golf ball in Hitman 3?

Access to the rear area of ​​the Scepter tower is required, so we must find the cane disguise, then it is necessary that an employee be attracted to the bar bathroom to take his clothes, thus having the opportunity to go to the personnel and maintenance area, then we will go to the second level, here we must eliminate a security guard, and we enter with his clothes to the security room, now on the left there is a guard at a desk, behind this there is To take a key, with which it is possible to unlock the door at the other end, here is a system of cameras, which we must deactivate and eliminate the system while we are here, the key to the attic is in the room, on the desk When we get it, we leave the place, and we will see a door near the corridor that gives us access to the attic, in this way it is solved How to get an explosive golf ball when entering once we use the key card to take it and n Hitman 3.

What we will do later is to continue up the stairs, where it is possible to have to kill a guard or someone who is part of the maintenance staff, after that we go to the server room and through the smaller door we continue, which It will not lead to the walkway that accesses the main atrium of the Dubai map, here we find ourselves with the need to kill an NPC and take the keys that he drops, we have to keep going to go down the corridor that leads to the door from the end, inside here is a toolbox, and we managed to see How to get an explosive golf ball next to it, we take it, and we go to face Carl Ingram to kill him with this ball.

Now we can complete the challenge, we have to then first have the costume of a Penthouse security guard in Hitman 3, anywhere we can eliminate one of them, and we will go up the stairs, it can be one that is asleep in a chair in the room security, then we go out to the balcony to get to one end of the open area, here is a bucket of balls where we are going to put the explosive golf ball, we must go to Ingram's office and wait for his appearance, when sitting on his The desk will continue to turn on the radio, and we will be hidden until he turns it off, then we will see that he will feel annoyed and goes to play golf, we follow him and prepare by removing the detonator, pressing the RT or R2 depending on the console we will explode the ball and kill him, then we just have to escape or take advantage of and kill another Dubai target.

 Knowing how to get an explosive golf ball is interesting, because it allows us to progress in another challenge to be completed in Hitman 3.

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