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Angel Marquez
2021-01-27 14:54:59

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For today, we bring a Hitman 3 guide where we take care of telling you How to get both Milton-Fitzpatrick bank tokens

What to know about both Milton-Fitzpatrick bank tokens in Hitman 3?

These are two specific tabs that can be obtained at the Dartmoor level, where it will be necessary to be in charge of carrying out some series of activities, among which it will be necessary to carry out the task of killing Carlisle, on the other hand, it is necessary to get the file of Arthur Edwards, as they are fundamental activities that allow us to achieve our goal about How to get both Milton-Fitzpatrick bank tokens and in this way be able to continue this work that to date has become fabulous. and that allows us to enter into interesting challenges.
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How to get both Milton-Fitzpatrick bank tokens in Hitman 3?

This is an activity that allows us to access the Tuppence discovery challenge, where it will be necessary to deal with killing two people and this occurs in this way:

  • The butler Mr. Fernsby who goes back and forth between the library and lobby, so it will be necessary to go behind the staircase at the main entrance where there is the possibility of finding a vacuum cleaner that allows us to attract Fernsby to subdue him, take the coin and then From this, look for a chest where we throw the body, here there is no concern about the noise made by the vacuum cleaner, because the guards will not hear anything, even when they are nearby.
  • Mrs. Rebecca is another of the people who has a coin, it is also necessary to submit it to her to take it away, there is the possibility of poisoning her water bottle, for which it is necessary to use a server disguise, in addition to getting that the chimney guard is neglected, to get to this place we have managed to subdue the cleaning lady who is in the corridor and put her in a closet, to prevent this from interfering with our objective.


 With the two coins in our possession, we completed the Tuppence challenge, we managed to access the case file off the map in the Milton-Fitzpatrick bank, and we got the amount of 200 experience points on Dartmoor.

 This is all you need to know about how to get both Milton-Fitzpatrick bank tokens, as it is a task that makes us move a little and cautiously through Dartmoor at Hitman 3.

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