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Angel Marquez
2021-01-25 14:21:16

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Hitman 3 has arrived, and it is important that you already have knowledge of all keypad codes and safes combinations

What to know about all the keyboard codes combinations and safes in Hitman 3?

As we move through the six levels that are available in this game we get some safes and to open them it is necessary to have a respective numerical combination, in this way knowing all the keyboard codes and safe combinations is simply a task necessary, however, this work leads us to have to get rid of some enemies in Hitman 3, because they are guarding the boxes, it is their job, on the other hand it is vital to choose to listen to some conversations because these can serve as a kind of guide to reach the objective is also practically an exploration task.

What are all keypad codes and safes combinations in Hitman 3?

Dartmoor: this is an area that contains a safe and to get it, it is necessary to carry out a mission, for this it is necessary to get each of the four necessary numbers in each of the objects, as this involves us before the work of entering the Carlistle's office and press a button on the chair to reveal the safe, the code for this safe is: 1975.

The objects that contain a combination number above are:

  • The watch.
  • The telescope.
  • Fireplace.
  • The moose head.

  • Dubai: this is another area present in this game and usually contains a total of 3 safes for which it is necessary to search the codes, this is done in this way:

  • Safe at the door of the staff area: to get the code it is necessary to open the door that connects the attic and the staff area, once we enter the meeting room we get a white board and the written code is 4706.
  • Safe in the security room: this box contains a card necessary to trigger an emergency evacuation of two specific objectives that we must eliminate, to get this code it is only necessary to go to the nearby bulletin board and see the number 6927.
  • Attic Guest Bedroom Safe: This place also has a safe and for this it is only necessary to enter the number 7465.

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  • Chongqing: This is a Hitman 3 area that has 6 vault codes, and they are searched like this:

  • Code 0118.
  • Safe at the door of the ICA apartment: finding it is simple because it will only be necessary to get to the woman who is thinking aloud, because she tries to remember the code and after a few minutes she will reveal it to us completely, in addition to it. it will open the door, so that we can follow it and thus not use the keyboard.
  • Safe in the ICA apartment: to get the code, you just have to listen to the answering machine that is located on the second floor of the apartment.
  • Laundry door safe: This is another safe and uses the same code as the two previous locations, as this allows us to understand that the ICA does not have different codes.

  • Code 2552.
  • Benchmark laboratory door safe: To get this code it is only necessary to go to the fifth floor of the building where Hush is and see it written on a blackboard.
  • Game room safe: it is only necessary to approach this door to get this code and open the closed door of the Arcade.
  • Private laboratory safe: it is necessary to approach the laboratory door and observe the blackboard where the code is written.
  • Carpathians: This area only has one code, we only have to look for it on the sign on the door, as this is a task that is carried out when we carry out an initial search at the beginning of the mission, this code is 1979.

  • Mendoza: This area has two codes of safes, and they are found in this way:

  • Villa basement box: to get this code it is necessary to deduct the year in which the Yates were married and in this way see the calendar related to the crystal weddings which are 15 years old, this leads us to understand that if we are in 2021 and 15 years have passed, so since the code is the date they were married, we assume that the code is 2006.
  • Refrigerator laser system safe: This code is simply the last year of WWII and you can hear it from a conversation of the guards, this code is 1945.

This is all we can tell you about all keypad codes and safes combinations, as it is a necessary task that can only be carried out in Hitman 3.

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