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In this guide you can find an answer to how to implement merges in Gunfire Reborn.

What are Gunfire Reborn mergers.

This is a mechanic that has the ability to create a special effect called fusion, as long as two elemental effects are applied to an enemy.
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How to implement merges in Gunfire Reborn.


Shock Decay = Miasma.

It is a powerful radiation damage from BL3 that affects nearby enemies. But it does not have much power to destroy shields or armor, more so normal health.


Burning Decay = Explosion.

This has the ability to produce an explosion that deals massive damage to all surrounding enemies with the ability to break armor or shields.


Shock Burn = Manipulation.

This effect causes the enemy with the debuff to attack other enemies and if you manage to keep an enemy manipulated long enough you could even attack its own allies.

The Crown Prince possesses grenades with a high probability of breaking enemies which allows him to obtain many benefits from the functions.

Aoi Bai can use dual wielded weapons, he only has two different elemental weapons and can apply any fusion.

 This is all you need to know if you were wondering how to implement mergers in Gunfire Reborn, we hope that now that you know how to do it you can get the most out of these functions to finish off the enemy much faster.

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