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How to get the Stun Gun in GTA Online? This article will show you how to buy the Stun Gun in GTA Online.

What is Stun Gun?

The Stun Gun is a non-lethal melee weapon that is quite powerful and can be used to incapacitate enemies. It is available in both GTA V’s story mode and GTA Online. In the story mode, it is available for purchase at Ammu-Nation stores, but in GTA Online, it is not available at Ammu-Nation stores, leaving players confused and wondering how to get the Stun Gun in GTA Online.

How To Get the Stun Gun in GTA Online?

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To buy the Stun Gun in GTA Online, you will need to spend almost $2 million. The first step is to buy an Agency from Dynasty 8 Executive for $1,000,000. After this, you have to upgrade the Agency to unlock the Armory, which will cost you another $700,000. Once the Armory is unlocked, the Stun Gun will be available for purchase in the Agency Armory for $326,250.

Although it is quite expensive to buy the Stun Gun in GTA Online, it can be worth the investment for some players. It is a powerful non-lethal weapon that can be used to incapacitate enemies in the game. So, if you're looking for a way to get the Stun Gun in GTA Online, this is how you can do it. Just make sure you have enough money ready before you go hunting for the Stun Gun.

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