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We invite you to discover where to find bunkers, a new task at GTA Online.

What to know about the bunkers in GTA Online?

It is something of the utmost importance to get to access the Gunrunning business in San Andreas, for this we have to make the purchase of one of these, which are located throughout the map, with a cost of 1,165,000 dollars to 4,070. 000 dollars, only that they present different scenarios that allow us to have better advantages, then it is ideal that we know where to find bunkers and this guide answers with precise details.

Where to find bunkers in GTA Online?

  • Lake Zancudo: we are going to find this in Los Santos and Blaine county, north of the lines, this has a cost of 1,550,000 dollars, we have that in GTA Online this is located much closer to the city than others, only that the distance is nevertheless away from the traffic, very close to a coastal shore this is located, we must take into account the appropriateness for air vehicles to appear, being necessary that the security of this base we propose to overcome it if we have it as a challenge as to where to find bunkers, which gives us access to a lot of free stuff.

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    • Mouse Canyon: of all GTA Online we are before the second bunker that has the lowest cost, despite this it is one of the best, being this one of 1,450,000 dollars and that is located in the central area of ​​the map, which puts us in The Calafia highway and train bridge is surrounded by mountains, being very remote, they are the presence of nearby populations, which will put us in a certain way in isolation, thus avoiding confrontations.
    • Chumash: if we seek to understand where to find bunkers, there is the Chumash to consider buying, this has a cost of 1,650,000 dollars, we have it in the north of the Banham canyon, having access to the highway with comfort, it is one of the most prominent, Both for the price and the location, we are talking about the most suitable for the location it has as it is in the most expensive areas of the city, being the closest to Los Santos, there is a barber shop, tattoo parlor and clothing store in the area Without being so separated from areas like Dell Perro Beach and Rockford Hill, we have the real estate properties that become so desired in Dell Perro Beach, while Rockford Hill is well known for seeing the cars that are more expensive, which it can be important for robberies.
    • Route 68: we are going to find this bunker in the Grand Señora desert, this has a cost of 1,950,000 dollars, west of the airport we can locate it, noting that it accesses the aircraft vehicles it will turn out to be very simple, travel Here from the city it is something that can be done very quickly, which will be achieved by means of a shortcut that is in the dry river, we have to about where to find bunkers in GTA Online this turns out to be one of the most popular ones, because its location is very strategic for missions and other activities.
    • The farm: we have reached the bunker that has the highest price of all, which is $2,375,000, we have it south of the Bolingbroke penitentiary, being part of the Grand Señora desert, we can quickly access the highway, because of what is located towards the center of the map, you can also access the Snady Shores airfield, with which you can generate air vehicles, including the pegasus plane, if we find the most popular of all, it is certainly very It is recommended that we buy it if we want to have the best security of all.

    Knowing where to find bunkers is interesting, because this allows us to unwind and have more fun in GTA Online.

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