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GTA Online: How to Play Arena War - tips and tricks

2019-12-10 11:45:55

We will cover in the following content of this article everything that refers to how to play Arena War in GTA Online.

GTA Online has the Arena War update, which is based on apocalyptic levels, in carnivorous war to reach glory in a colosseum, this article will give us all the guidelines that we should know about how to play sand war and much more, for which is important attention to what comes next.

What is Arena War about in GGTA Online?

Before we know how to play sand war it is good to know what we are talking about, this is a system of confrontations between players with cars and motorcycles, custom vehicles, which in some work with traps and airplanes with remote control weapons waiting for their starting moment , We will also have a workshop, which will help us in the modifications of our cars and even in the purchase of these, an unlocking system of the vehicles, the options to make improvements, as our range is increased by GTA Online.

Simply build our own killer machine, rank up and earn money thanks to the victories obtained and with this use it to make improvements, this is the basics, to know more you have to follow the rest of the content to know how to play sand war.

What should we do to play in Arena War in GTA Online?

We cannot know how to play sand war if we do not access first, for this reason we must know that for access we must buy an Arena War Workshop for a $ 995,000 wallet. what has been the minimum but later we will have to pay more possibly, there are options to lower the cost and for this we must be attentive, if we do not have to enter, just access the internet from our game phone, or on the laptop , we will look for it in the main page or in the travel and transport menu, once we click here we will go to the option to buy a workshop, this brings us to a list of possible updates and renovations that can be purchased along with it, being some of more relevance.

How to play Arena War (Purchase and workshop customization) in GTA Online?

Once we buy a workshop we will obtain the modifications, being the following possibilities:

Office Style (Free - $ 260,000)
The workshop will be altered cosmetically, this is not important, nor a priority, the free option has a default model.

Workshop graphics (Free - $ 395,000)
The option of this is to make changes to the appearance of the workshop, in the area where the touches of our vehicle are made.

Workshop color (Free - $ 265,000)
The final choice for cosmetic changes, perhaps the most noticeable, since it makes changes to the walls and surface of the workshop, the free option by default brings a parking lot, the rest is for the cost of a quarter of a million.

Garage floor B1 ($ 195,000 - $ 590,000)
In the workshop we can store 10 cars by default, each of the floors will add 10 more, if we want more space with which we add decals and to the walls it will also be better than spending on more expensive versions.

B2 garage floor ($ 265,000 - $ 660,000)
The same as we saw in the previous case

Mechanic (Free - $ 727,500)
In this option we can have 3 mechanics at the same time working in our workshop, this will be important for our aspirations in the Arena War, the default mechanic, if it is capable of making all the modifications, but for the other 2 there are costs, these They perform a different task, what is convenient for us is to accumulate to acquire the expert in weapons, which is the most expensive, to acquire it must be what initially led us to save, because with this we can perform the customization of our cars in relation to to armament

Personal rooms ($ 220,000)
A bed and a closet for our office, which we can use for our workshop.

How to play Arena War (Access to the workshop and the Arena War) in GTA Online?

In GTA Online there are many things to do to know how to play sand war, one of them is to access our workshop, for this we will find it by going to the Maze Bank Arena, the gear icons on our marked map, in which the purple ones reflect the places for access to Arena War, in the case of the target is where our workshop will be, when we are here for the first time, we will see an introduction scene that is long passing, which will place us in a game of paired modes, driving A big car that is covered with weapons, nails and much more.

How to play Arena War in GTA Online?

We have that there are several game options in the Arena War, where the objectives can vary, from collecting control points, hitting a beach ball, or even killing, the latter being the vital part of GTA Online, in the sands we will see ourselves driving drones, death traps, when a car is destroyed, these go to the locker room where another person is labeled to drive, which leads us to assume that the game is a team, this continues until we achieve the objective in question, We are close to knowing everything that has to do with how to play sand war, there is still much to discover about it.

How to play Arena War (Win) in GTA Online?

Already having the idea of ​​how to play sand war, there are only a few details to talk about, the different game modes, to win them, we must bear in mind that there is a different style of play to win, but there are details that will help us to have a advantage, in this case we must be attentive to the road, since corrosion and drones can come from the mines, causing a lot of damage, in the surroundings there will be traps, which can be noticed marked by a revealing grid, or noticed by poorly matched floors, both become lethal so you have to take them into account in GTA Online.

Being in constant motion will be important, even more so if it is a one-on-one battle, so get close to it, you have to exploit whatever you think, but this could be a bad move, because the strategy would be happening many things overlooked, example of this, the missiles that can be guided and the turrets, we must always seek to be ahead of our enemy, we can use the center to try to evade the enemies, it is not good that we fall into persecutions that they will take away our car's health, being in the middle of the sand it is possible that our allies set some traps and thus on a tour what is happening.

How to play Arena War (use traps and drones) in GTA Online?

It is not very easy to know how to play sand war, due to the things that can be done or even its many game modes, an example of this comes here, say that we are not in the car, that we are operating the traps and drones from the outside, what we are going to see is our character controlling a tablet, which allows us to manipulate the lethal devices that are 4, a battle drone, an RC bandit, a trap camera or a turret, activating them with the 4 essential buttons , when we finish with one, to move to another, with the Y on Xbox One or the PS4 Triangle we will leave, or left Bumper / L1 to self-destruct, everything will depend on what we use.

The battle drone
To disable the enemies we will use a flying drone, being close we will damage everything that is in the Angle of impact, with an EMP recharge pulse, being very versatile, but the slowness will sometimes place us in the situation that it is better that The enemy approaches us.

The RC Bandit
In the stadium we have a remote control car, in the same way as with the drone, this can cause considerable damage, when detonated, in turn with this we can drop about 3 mines, which will create shock waves in the enemy cars, the most effective of these is to place them near a trap or turret, making the target easy prey, when there are more lethal enemies.

The trap camera
In the environment surrounding these cameras, we can use them to activate the traps, which we will select when aiming with A / X. Here the speed and the reflexes will be of great importance, since we will make changes of the points where the cameras are, locating those enemies that are exposed.

The turret
The sand is surrounded by many turrets, which can be used to cause damage to any car, with the bumpers and shoulder buttons, it is possible that we switch between them, in addition, they come additionally with a missile that can be guided to fly it once we launch it, when we direct them towards the objectives to be destroyed, when we hit it with a target we return to the access of the turret while the missile is recharged in GTA Online.

How to play Arena War (Buy and customize car) in GTA Online?

We must bear in mind that knowing how to play sand war takes an effort on our part, as well as for example we would have to strive with a car almost comparable to the one we had in the first test that is free, the supercar we enjoyed, in the GTA Online Arena War website we can buy cars, in the same place where we bought the workshop at the beginning, or also cars already customized and improved at a higher cost, or we may decide from scratch with a cheaper car, which We can customize to our liking and the modifications also at our discretion will be.

When buying a car is in our garage will be sent, entering the press on the D-Pad to move it to the workshop, here we can make our customization and modifications, depending on our range there will be more options to unlock, hiring additional mechanics will be a great support, before each game the car will pass through our workshop and will be accessible from the configuration screen.

How to play Arena War (Rewards) in GTA Online?

Already knowing everything related to how to play sand war, it only remains to talk about the rewards, there are 3 types of them, reputation, money and Arena points, which these increase our range, the more we raise the range, we will access new updates of cars, in addition, more accessible prices for some, even suits in the game, with the laptop of our office we can press the D-Pad so that we have access to the list of rewards of the Rank, in addition to what we will need to unlock You are in GTA Online.

The article has come to an end, in which we deal with the main topic how to play Arena War in GTA Online, with all these guidelines indicated here it should be made easier for readers to play the modes offered in the game options, we hope that Be a great help.
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