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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-03 15:29:38

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Guide to learn how to get boiling glands in Grounded

In Grounded there is one useful item that you want to grab is the boiling glands. You can make them fall from the bombardier beetles, green and yellow insects that throw at you. While it's a troublesome bug in your backyard, you can harvest it for various parts to use on its base, like creating a bumpy shelf.

How to get boiling glands in Grounded?

Of all the insects in the game, there is only one that contains those boiling glands and it is the bombardier beetles. You can find them all over the map, but we've mostly encountered them in these locations, northwest of the first field station and southeast.

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It is recommended to be prepared in case you go to look for a few of this specimen, you can choose to fight near or distance from it but if you do the latter it can take a while to kill it in this way, and it is a little more complicated due to its attack on distance. Probably the best thing to do is to stun with the ant mallet or the mint mallet, and avoid boiling. When you kill him, you should receive one or two boiling glands.

If you do not want to preside over this complement, it is best to stock up as much as you can before returning to camp.

Now that you know how to get boiling glands in Grounded you can go and look for this element that will be of help to you in the camp during your game. Luck!

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