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Godstrike has come to get us into action and this makes it convenient to tell you how to beat Khalepo.

Who is Khalepo in Godstrike?

  Before knowing how to beat Khalepo it is good to know specifically who he is, and this is only the second boss we come across and with whom we will have a formidable fight, as it is the least we should expect from a boss, In this sense, it is necessary to be as equipped as possible as this may be, as this may be necessary for us.

How to beat Khalepo in Godstriker?

  This Godstrike boss usually makes us enter a combat that is composed of a total of 4 phases, and therefore as we progress in these fights it is vital to understand that they get stronger, in this sense, to know how to win. Khalepo leads us to consider:

  • Equip as many skills as possible, because we are facing a real fighting challenge.
  • It is vital to have some powers, the "Singularity Ray" being the primary one, as it can make us invincible for a period of time.
  • It is possible to choose to redirect the laser at this boss by Godstrike in order to deal damage to such an extent that it is possible to take at least 25 percent of his health from him.
  • The laser is a power that can be equipped for a period of 3º0 seconds and it is feasible to take advantage of this time to attack the boss.


 This fight is necessary about How to beat Khalepo tends to be carried out in four phases and these are the following:

Phase 1: this first part should not represent a very formidable combat in Godstrike, since this boss usually executes two attacks that are usually linked together, at this point it is necessary to consider that all attacks with this boss usually occur in the same way.

The attacks that Khalepo usually uses in this phase are:


  •  Purple orbs: these tend to explode when thrown around them and tend to be orange, they transform into smaller semicircles, the number of orbs that this boss throws is a total of 4.
  • Burst: This is another attack, as it usually occurs in waves and consists of launching orange orbs around it.


 It is necessary to understand that in this first phase this Godstrike boss usually depends in a certain way on the burst attack, but since they do not have a stable pattern we are allowed to cross between them, which is good because it allows us to avoid receiving blows, and we are not going getting closer to the objective about How to beat Khalepo, because this is where we must be agile and take charge of executing some shots, while this is happening it is necessary to pay attention to the ground, because it is possible that some blue material falls and it is necessary to pick it up , because it has the ability to carry our power.

Once this attack has concluded, this boss will choose to make use of the purple orbs, because when they are launched they will become smaller semicircles, in this sense it is also possible to mobilize through them and avoid them, even when they usually go in a side to side in the sand there is the possibility of avoiding being hit, in this case it is necessary to concentrate on knowing how to beat Khalepo, because we must be attentive to the attacks of the boss who will do everything possible to hit us, also the pauses can be favorable for this boss of Godstrike because he will try to charge with more force against us.

Phase 2: the fight to know how to beat Khalepo continues and as we progress it tends to become a bit more complex, because here it will have two other attacks with which it will try to knock us down, since it tends to execute them together enough that it will keep us in constant movement in Godstrike and these are:


  •  Close burst: this is an attack that this boss usually executes and that consists of launching a number of orange orbs, a sun that unlike the orbs of the first phase these tend to be more difficult to dodge and therefore it is vital to have better reflexes.
  • Burst of purple orbs: this is another attack that this boss usually executes, as it only produces one, but this one when exploding is convenient in a whole wave of orange orbs that seek to harm us, in that sense, to know how to beat Khalepo in this phase leads us to be agile to dodge as much as possible.


 The orange orbs are undoubtedly the most complex attacks to dodge in this phase of the fight against Khalepo in Godstrike, since crossing over these can become very complicated, and this is where our "Singularity Ray" makes its entry, as it is possible charge it and make its respective use of the laser, to subtract a bit of health, however and even when we manage to dodge this boss, it will launch the purple orbs, which when touching the sand transform into orange orbs and therefore they will seek to charge against us, So this fight about knowing how to beat Khalepo leads us to mobilize the opposite side of the arena and keep our distance, as this allows us to execute shots and thus achieve access to the next phase.

Phase 3: the fight is still latent and therefore increasingly stronger in Godstrike, however, this phase does not present major challenges, because here it is necessary to consider keeping an eye on this boss at all times and this is because he tends to create a red barrier and sign in a clockwise direction, and sometimes in the opposite direction which can be somewhat confusing in this fight in this phase in Godstrike, here it does not usually present major attacks, in this sense knowing how to win Khalepo leads us to consider some particular characteristics at this stage.

This boss will carry out an attack of bursts of orange orbs, they aim to block our path, which makes it more difficult to mobilize, however, it is necessary to get ahead of the red barrier, in such a way that we are not hit by the orange orbs and thus get out of these, during this process it is necessary to shoot and even when leaving these orbs it is necessary to continue shooting, in such a way that knowing how to defeat Khalepo allows us to make the orbs have to go back, and during Take advantage of this process to collect the blue objects that may fall in this fight phase in Godstrike.

Phase 4: this is the last stage in this process to know how to beat Khalepo and therefore here he is much stronger, because he has strong enough attacks, and these are:


  •  Series of bursts: this attack consists of creating bursts of orange color on its sides and they can move a little away from this boss outside the arena, since each ring tends to another and therefore reach a total of 4.
  • Wave Burst: This is another attack to consider by this boss in Godstrike, as this boss creates a number of orange orbs that tend to move in waves and gradually expand throughout the arena.
  • Massive purple orbs: there is the possibility that this boss can create a total of 4 orbs and they can fly to the edge of the sand in order to explode, by doing so they create more orange orbs and therefore these can be encircled in chains to to explore.


 It is convenient to note that this boss usually executes complex attacks to dodge, which makes it difficult to mobilize to the edge of the arena to dodge, this is where we must once again make use of the "Singularity Ray", with this it is possible to be invincible , even when this Godstrike boss makes a series of bursts, as this opens a path through which it is possible to mobilize so as not to receive damage.

It is necessary to be careful with the purple orbs, as they tend to fly away, in addition more orange orbs appear, in this sense it is vital to dodge as much as possible, we must execute as many shots as possible, without receiving any damage until we manage to eliminate the boss, in addition to being in charge of collecting the blue resources and therefore using the "Singularity Ray".

 This is all we can contribute about How to beat Khalepo, as it is vital to get him out of our way and thereby continue the journey through Godstrike.

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